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Is this song used?


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I absolutely love this track, sadly I've never heard it in a hangar resupply mission nor during a sale so it must be unused but I'm not sure though.

Edited by Estraikerful
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It sounds like a composition of several tracks from the Smuggler's Run update. Inside the .awc files are a number of individual tracks - anyone with the OpenIV or some other RPF tool can view/ listen to them - they're normally here:
(Game directory) Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpsmuggler\dlc.rpf\x64\audio\sfx\dlc_smuggler.
Probably files beginning "smuggler_track_......"

In fact even though I'm a dick who's not a dick, I've actually got the files uploaded here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ajkau7wt8URCiDFDdroSx-1G39Md

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I'm still curious if track is used and if anyone has gotten it to play in-game, but I really appreciate your answer though, thank you.

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Dunno what you guys think, but this song would really fit in an halloween-adversary-mode.

Edited by SHOKKERZ91
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Probably the Condemned or Dogfight adversary mode music.

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^ Seems like you two were right. Aww man such an incredible song being wasted in a sh*tty(IMO) adversary mode that almost no one will play after a few weeks.

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adversary mode that almost no one will play after a few weeks.


I don't know why they do this... why they've stopped adding contact missions or survivals (which could suit a halloween or zombie theme) and other stuff. Probably something to do with 'wanting to focus on PvP stuff rather than PvE' and having those sort of missions in freeroam.


I wouldn't mind that so much if they used dedicated servers were less nonsense was likely to happen.

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mission: Black Thunder(alternatively Raining Fire)


VIP job: "Get in the attack helicopter* and destroy the meth labs."


Just thinking about where that soundtrack would fit instead being unused/misused in one crap unimmersive adv mode...



*: a black Hunter fully upgraded obviously, provided as mission-vehicle.

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