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Kid friendly settings PS4


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Hey guys,


My kids have been begging me for months to play GTA V and I have always said no due to the amount of swearing, blood and other innapropriate content but I'm wondering whether there is a way within the settings to turn any of this stuff off or make it more child friendly?

If there was a way that they could just drive around the city in free roam and mess around without being exposed to too much violence and swearing then it might be okay for them to play.

If my recollection of the game is correct then I don't think that this is possible but I thought I would double check on here just in case. I would check myself but I have deleted my downloaded copy from my hard drive as I haven't played it in over a year and I really don't want to have to download a 65GB file again just to check the settings. I have tried a few online searches and haven't found anything helpful.


If anyone on here can offer any advice I would greatly appreciate it.




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Seriously, there's plenty of other good games out there where you can "just drive around the city in free roam and mess around". GTA V is not for children, any amount of modding doesn't change that.


Get your kids a 3d platformer. Yooka-laylee or A Hat in Time should be great, and would actually be a good influence on them.

Edited by simonp92
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There are no settings to tone down the gore or violence. There is nothing to stop him from hitting up the strip club or picking up hookers :oD

If you look at an npc the wrong way the cops will hunt you down. If you drive recklessly the npcs will curse at you.

So idk some things for you to consider I guess.


Though if supervised he should be fine. There are many things to do which do not include violence like all the mini games, tennis, golf, parachuting and stuff like that.


You may also want to consider online though it can be much more violent and raunchy. However you can stick to invite only or solo sessions and still enjoy the game while avoiding other players. And there is much more to do online than SP unfortunately.

There is a setting to mute other players if you dont want to hear them in public lobbies.

Edited by StangOne50
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I agree with simonp92 this is an 18+ rated game there are plenty of games out there for your kids to play that they would enjoy that doesn't involved all the violence, sex and cursing this game does.


If your kids want a game where they can drive around buy them The Crew or another Open World racing game but this game isn't for kids even though R* is catering to them instead of their adult fan base who are actual old enough to play this game

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Igor Bogdanoff

just get lego city undercover if you need kid friendly gta.

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Thanks for all the replies, its appreciated. I will look into some of the other games you guys suggested.

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I use directors mode, turn down the sound settings, turn off pedestrians and wanted level, and let them drive around. I do this with my kids very occasionally and amusing to watch.

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  • 3 years later...
4 hours ago, jsnsjnsnsnss said:

watch dogs two is fine i guess


His kids might be old enough to play GTA5 by now lol. It has been over 3.5 years!

I do not know it is a bit weird I was a kid in the 80s and back then it seemed like watching something adult was more acceptable, films like the Terminator, Aliens, Robocop ETC it was not unusual for contempary classmates and myself to watch films like this.

And games were not rated at all I guess graphics were not as realistic as they have become, but there were many games with the same level of violence or sexual content.

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The amount of cussing from the protagonists alone (especially Trevor) should give you the obvious sign to avoid child involvement.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah not a kids game. The Online mode is wayyyy less disturbing than the story but even then I'm guessing you wouldn't want your kids exposed to such horrible things and I personally advise you stay away. At least until they are a teen or aren't naive, there are some disturbing things in this game...

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