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[#27] Customs, Cruisers & Classics: Joon Bug🐉

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Sup fools. This issue we've got,

*News for the Goons*

*A Grand Theft Auto livery for a Grand Turismo Sport car*

*A brand new Vanillaworks release*

*A far cry advertisement for a male beauty pageant*

*An interview with a vehicle screens GOD*

*And the usual compendium of vehicle snaps*







Your desires to become certified have not gone unnoticed, if you want your beautiful

dark twisted fantasy to come about you gots to post in your topic and ensure you have

active members. But seriously post in your topic - it’s a f*cking desert in there. This message

has been brought to you by the powers above.





User, @djdest has created a mock-up of the Dinka Jester livery

for Gran Turismo Sport. It’s got all the elegance of a racing livery fit for a

2016 Honda NSX without the excessive sticker placing the Jester spoofed.

It can be found by searching either GTA or Jester in the GT Sport discovery section.


[You can check his other creations on his GTPlanet thread and his GTA forum topic.]


The very much esteemed Vanilla Works team have released their anticipated
venture into GTA lore-friendly vehicle Modding, the Bravado Gauntlet Classic.
Find it on their GTA5-Mods account.


'The year is 1970. The peace and love era has come to a close following the events at Altamont

and there's still a few years until the oil crisis makes American cars an absolute laughing stock so

pick yourself up a brand new Bravado Gauntlet. Fitted with Bravado's all-new, all-American, all-powerful

cast iron 488 cubic inch V8 (that's 8.0L to you base 10 Euro fairies) this baby can outrun every other

street car in the 1/4 mile and drink more fuel than every car in Europe combined! A factory Limited

Slip Differential means you aren't just spinning one tyre when you plow through that damn hippie

camp site and the body built with pure American steel means you won't even see a dent when you

ram that BF Surfer out of your way.'


Vanilla Works @GTAForums

Vanilla Works' Triple C interview



This is for those rare topics that stand out, survive the test the of time - the ones worth the click.


While not vehicular related I believe it deserved the spotlight this week. Livejoker has laid plans for 2017’s

Mister Los Santos. If you’re interested in competing alongside testosterone fuelled pseudo-models, check

it the hell out. If you think you or someone else deserves a place on the judging panel because you’re so very

important, check it the hell out. If you’d like to moan somewhere where your complaints won’t get deleted

but passive aggressively addressed, pop on over. I’m almost certain vehicle screens should be competing

with their renowned creativity and notorious shade. I can only hope this will pave the way to Miss Los Santos

and the popcorn eating that comes with it.


If you want to warm yourself up to the process you can check out 2016's Mr LS.




Feast your eyes on a portfolio of excellence from Vehicle Screen’s finest hoons, loons and goons.



























Rachel Rose




A cacophony of engineered symphonies. Sit back, relax and let the revs absolve you.


Skyline ER34 AND Silvia S15 at each other’s necks at the Tsukuba Circuit.



Racking up a total of 92 posts on the vehicle screens thread you can guarantee all are of an almost

photorealistic quality, the best part however is the variety of vehicles he indulges in. His combination of

high definition textures, fine composition and dynamic range of colouring can turn the least attractive vehicle

into a slightly more attractive vehicle, @JoonasPRKL.



Firstly - what brought you to GTA Forums?

I joined GTA Forums back in 2005 when I was interested in the glitches and hunting secrets/easter eggs in GTA San Andreas.

In the last couple of years youve dedicated your time by providing helpful scripts for inputting colours and your mass accumulation of various hex values, what committed you to helping with that?
Hmm. Not sure how I would answer to this, well I love helping out people with simple things and this is one way of helping them out.
I like to see people come up showing/requesting different color combinations, just wish Rockstar would remove the stupid color restrictions so we wouldn't have to use scripts and stuff to bypass the restrictions.
Maybe a custom color slider in the next GTA? ;)

What platform/s do you play on?
I play mainly on PC But also own a PS4 and older consoles.

Are you in any GTA dedicated crews or gangs?
It's not a 'GTA dedicated' gang, but I am a member of a social group Facade.

How long have you been into the GTA series and do you have a favourite?
I've been a fan of the GTA Series for like 15+ years now, I remember buying the original Grand Theft Auto from a thrift store really cheap and was instantly hooked on the series.
I would say my favorite GTA is GTA San Andreas or Vice City.

Whats your favourite car from the GTA series?
So many awesome vehicles! Very difficult to choose but maybe Deluxo or Sentinel XS from Vice City.

Coke or pepsi?
Coke but Pepsi is good too.

Is there a vehicle from the any previous GTA game you would like to see return?
Cadrona or Sunrise from GTA San Andreas.

If you could co-ordinate the perfect car meet in GTA Online, how would it go?
It would go as always, for a moment it's perfect but then some genius comes in and destroys everything.

Is there a preference on what kinda cars/bikes you shoot?
I prefer to take pics of cars more than bikes, I think it's easier to find a location and good angle for a shot with cars.

What got you interested in cars/bikes?
Well I'm not really a 'car' person in real life like some others are so most of the interest for cars and bikes comes from games.
I've owned 4 cars and currently drive a '06 Skoda Octavia :D

All time favourite driving/racing game?
Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition on the Playstation 2.

Whats your favourite real life car?
Datsun 100A

Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck sized-horses?
That's a tough one, I'd probably fight 100 duck sized-horses if I get any weapons.

I imagine many would love to know what mods/photo editing youre using; you up for disclosing that?
I usually use visual mods like VisualV or NaturalVision Remastered combined with sjaak327's Simple Trainer.
When I can't bother to go to Rockstar Editor to edit my footage for depth of field etc. I use jedijosh920's Ingame Screenshot script for positioning and angles. Rest of the editing is done in Lightroom or Photoshop if needed.

Any photography tips for the peepers?
As some others have already said this in past issues but don't overdo the zooming and tilting, it'll look horrible.
Take multiple screenshots from different angles and then choose the one that looks best.

While youre not shooting cars in GTA Online what else do you like to do?
I like to play games from different genres when I'm taking a break from GTA. I like RPG/ARPG games like The Witcher & Diablo and I recently completed the Mass Effect Trilogy and started Andromeda since it was released on Origin Access.

Is there anything you would like to see added to GTAForums in the future?
Not really, I think everything is in pretty good shape at the moment.

Any other comments/shoutouts?
Shoutouts to all the regular and new posters on the Custom Rides & Garages thread. Great shots and good work. keep it up!




forgot inclusion, my regards Joon


Previous Issues: #24 / #25 / #26

Wanna shill yourself or your workshop in an exclusive interview? Spam V4S' inbox.

Your thoughts/ideas? hit up below


Edited by Thugazi

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'twas a good read

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Great issue, thanks for the interview!

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Joonas, I know I say it all the time, but ...



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Legit surprised about the ad that popped up in my sweet, sweet automobile magazine. Thanks for the shoutout! Still in the "ideas" stage so this is just thinking out loud but I've had ideas involving cars. What's more manly than a exhaust-popping V8? Hey, who knows what will take place. Awesome read as always. Now V4S, don't take it personal...but...I think Thugazi has become my favorite host for CCC. This raw and don't-give-a-heck attitude needs Rage Against The Machine playing over it and it feels like I'm fighting The Man and how the government is a fraud. Love this writing style. Great interview, too. Except for the part where he likes both Coke and Pepsi, that two-faced liar! There is only one supremacy and it's coke.

Mandatory gif.


Edited by livejoker

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Awesome. That NSX livery is sick, love when people do their own game crossovers. As for that Gauntlet Classic:


Edited by CaptianBackwoods

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Speaking of cross-game liveries, I ran into this in Forza Horizon 3 earlier this year.




My Fifth Chin Is Thanks To These Guys ....

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Agreed with Captain, that Gauntlet Classic NEEDS to be in an update. I'd legit pay $10 of real money just for it. I'm dead serious. Game needs more sexy classic muscles that can both pull off the "barnfind" or resto-mod look.

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Now V4S, don't take it personal...but...I think Thugazi has become my favorite host for CCC.

No offense taken, he's my favorite host too ;)


Awesome issue, everything about it was crispy! You guys won't be seeing (checks screen name) Thugazi host for at least another two weeks as he'll be off on a much needed holiday, but you'll have meeeeeeeee :catloaf:

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Great work! I like the thug style, ho ho ho, but I like V4S's style too! Keep em coming! :)

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Glad you liked my Jester, its now got a stable mate :)



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Looks great my man, keep it up.

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