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Recommended Posts

Release Date: 29/10/04


Origin Info:

During the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas pre-order period in Australia, sometimes
just before the official GTA:SA release in AU - 29/10/04, certain number of people that
had pre-ordered their copies at Electronic Boutique - EB Games, got lucky and received
CJ' s very own, 4 Dragons Casino Loyalty Card.

Status and availability:

Even though pre-ordering numbers in Australia, more specifically at EB Games are
pretty much a mystery, we could still be talking in thousands of them. But, on the other hand,
it is really hard to find one of these today and it's in possession of the very few, at least according to
"intense googling", sadly the only viable source for this matter.

Rating: Rare

Given its status as a pre-order bonus and potentially an access to a wider audiences,
but taking into account " hard to find " factor, this gem deserves the status of the rare memorabilia.

Price: Easily in the zone of 50.00 USD


Members who owns this item: 2


Images are courtesy of: ChengizVlad09



By having this in your possession, there was yet another bonus, which is clearly stated on the back
of the card. By presenting this card on the launch day at EB Games you could roll 5$ of your

preorder money into a preorder for Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition.


* Please note: The reliable Rarity Rating System still haven't been determined by the Administration and Staff, so the current status might be prone to changes.



Edited by ChengizVlad09
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  • 2 years later...
2 hours ago, ChengizVlad09 said:

@jjp3828 Fair price for buy it now! Good luck with the auction!

I’d be willing to sell/send it to you outside the US.  Message me if you are interested.  Price is flexible.

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21 minutes ago, RIDE2DAY said:

@jjp3828 I don't see the buy it now option. Did you disable it?

'Buy it now' is automatically disabled once the first bid is offered.



Thanks fam, I already have one, it was just nice seeing someone pricing their items realistically for a change, usually sellers go crazy with pricing, that's all.


Edited by ChengizVlad09
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58 minutes ago, RIDE2DAY said:

@jjp3828 I don't see the buy it now option. Did you disable it?

Yeah, it was disabled after the first bid.  My bad here, I thought it would stay up throughout.  I don’t sell stuff on eBay that often...

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