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Favourite/Least Favourite Genres and Why

The Time Ranger

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I was watching Netflix recently. All the movies there are grouped by category, action, comedy, horror, etc. I think I have a broad enough taste regarding films but some genres appeal to me less and vice versa. Some movies are a mix of genres such as comedy-horror but the pairing and how it works for you can still be discussed.


So for this thread I thought it could be a place to discuss your favourite/least favourite genre and why it does or doesn't appeal to you.


For me I like action thrillers, when done well they are exciting and fun. A classic example would The Terminator 1 and 2.


Stoner comedies also appeal to me, they make me laugh and that's what I want in a comedy. Think Pineapple Express and Strange Wilderness. I just want to turn my brain off and laugh.


For genres that don't appeal to me I would have to say horror, never really liked it. There are exceptions, I really enjoyed It Follows but it's not my favourite genre.


Also the black-comedy or comedy-drama. It's very hard to get the balance just right. I find they can often be a straight forward drama with one or two funny moments thrown in. In a tv series Shameless did it well, but it's a difficult balancing act.

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Great topic.


I love comedy-dramas because the humour seems more believable or realistic to me. I think of The Sopranos as an example. While comedy-drama is probably not the first thing people would ascribe to The Sopranos, I think it can be used easily to apply to the shows. While it's mostly drama there are moments of hilarity in it because life is funny some times, even in a world of violence and criminality. That to me is more realistic and natural than a full-on comedy.


Comedy films, while my old self would say are the best or something close, are not realistic to me at all because the intention is there to always make the audience laugh. And life just isn't like that. Also a comedy film might be great but if the a gag or joke fails within that film, it's failing at it's core intention: to make you laugh. In film studies you quickly learn that comedy is the most appealing thing to do as it seems the easiest but it's actually one of the hardest things to pull off. So when a comedy is great, I really do appreciate it.


Horror is the same as comedy that it starts off in a narrow realm of rules at which it's bound to and that's to scare people, to broadly put it. If it fails in scaring you or fails as horror, the film fails the viewer and fails as a film. I used to dislike most of the horror genre for this as there's just too much bad horror. But lately, I've gained a new appreciation for it. Especially like It Follows as you mentioned and films like Green Room. These are more progressive horror films that kind of fuse genres and bring the genre forward so it's less restricted to horror tropes.


Comedy-Drama is so broad. I think it's a very loose description. Because I think most stories fit in a drama and life is funny anyway. But constructing a film from a comedy-drama point of view your not bound to make a joke every 5mins. You don't have to compromise story or character for humour for a gag. It can grow out of the situation organically.


Recently, watching The Deuce and some reviews a reviewer described David Simon's TV shows as building the world first and then then story comes out of world. So with the crime-drama The Wire Baltimore is a character in and of itself, like the map in the GTA, it's the world that provides the story but they're intrinsically linked. That's why I think comedy emerging from drama can be the funniest thing. Because the tone of something like The Wire can be serious and deal with violence, corruption and death but a character in this story can be funny or do something funny and it doesn't owe itself to be funny because it's bound to a comedy label. It doesn't mess with the tone and gravity of a situation because the dramatic story is the foundation and where there is pain and despair humans will always try find funny. For me it's just more organic, more natural.


Here's a random example of something kind of funny from The Sopranos. There's a sort of irony that results from AJ getting an education. Obviously Tony didn't want to raise or explose his kids in a life of crime like Tony's own father did with him. Instead the kids get sent to private schools and get the best education money can buy. The results are AJ having this funny existential crisis. What's more funny is that Meadow is academically miles beyond her parents due to her private education and she's able to give credit to AJ's musings to the complete bemusement of their parents. There's a conflict of Tony and Carmela's wisdom from the college of life vs that of expensive private education, with a generation gap thrown in the mix. But this type of joke in The Sopranos could only come out of a backstory that isn't funny at all really. It actually comes from a dramatic place. Father is a mafioso and mother is a neurotic, god-loving, disciplinarian - things that aren't inherently funny.



The YouTube title is exaggerating for clicks. It's not laugh out loud funny. It's just funny in the broadest sense.


EDIT: Having said that, I do love the goofiest humour too like Tom Green and Tim and Eric. And also things like The Office or I'm Alan Partridge. The latter two, I think are just genius works of art and the former and mental and creatively genius but not in the more measurable, academic sense. So yeah it depends of mood. If it's good, I'll watch it and I'll just try use genre to describe something and try not let genre taint or make me negatively biased going in to a film. I'll even enjoy a RomCom if it's good.


Superhero films are probably lowest on my list of favorable films. I think a lot of them rely of marketing, existing IP's, unoriginality and existing fan-base. There's not as much risk making something out of an established IP. For me they're a little formulaic like pop music or CoD series. Not to say I don't enjoy the odd one or that I don't love Batman. Just not in to the current trend of market-dominated superhero films.

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I agree with what you say about the new progressive horrors mixing different genres. I think The Guest is a good example of this, an action thriller fused with horror elements.


Yeah The Wire, The Deuce, and The Sopranos have that natural humour mixed into the serious which really works. When I brought up drama-comedy I didn't take into account how broad that genre really is. I guess i've been burnt before watching movies described as a drama-comedy or black comedy and they weren't what I expected, turning out to be basically melodramas or a comedy of errors.


Good comedy is very hard to do and i'm fussy about comedy, I get second hand cringe easily so I have a love/hate thing for Alan Partridge and the Peep Show. I guess to a certain extent I like comedies with some farcial elements as it isn't grounded in reality as much so it's easier to watch in that regard. Fr. Ted would be an example.


Edit- You brought up superhero movies, I knew there was something I had forgotten to include. I'm a bit jaded with them at the moment, I can enjoy them for what they are, Ant-Man was the most recent I saw and I enjoyed it but there isn't much innovation, it's all formulaic and setting up for a sequel.


I remember when the first trailer for Suicide Squad leaked, I thought it looked great, I awaited the following trailers and the movies release with excitement. I was actually really hyped for it. The trailers looked really promising. But it turned out to be a hot mess. I know there was a lot of behind the scenes issues but in the end they went with a safe route, generic as they come despite the premise of legimitate bad guys as the protagonists. I'm still kind of bitter over it tbh. Their marketing team did a great job though, i'm not even a comic fan and I was looking forward to it. Kind of ironic how the buildup was more fun than the trailers.


I kind of went on a rant there about SS but it's annoying how they have years of comic book storylines they could taken inspiration from but the writing was still shocking.

Edited by Neon_Dreaming
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I really don't enjoy modern horror films as a general rule. There's too much focus on jump scares, and not enough on creating an atmosphere of unease and tension. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I haven't come across any recently. Even the new IT movie wasn't scary to me. It had a couple jump scares and Pennywise wasn't really all that intimidating.


I'm more a fan of cheesy horror movies like the Child's Play series (and yes I know they're bad) and Killer Klownz From Outer Space.


My favorite genre as a whole is probably action adventure. I like movies where characters travel to many different places in the pursuit of riches (like in It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World), glory, revenge, whatever it may be. I love road trip movies.

Edited by TheFoxRiverFugitive
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Horror movies in general don't do much for me, particularly the jump scare variant (100% agree with Fox above on those), but I do like horror comics as it's less about being scary and more about the themes. Another thing I just absolutely can't stand is cringe-comedy, when ever a show I watch has a cringey scene I just look away. Really takes me out of whatever I'm watching, though now I think about I'm not a particularly big fan of comedy shows/films overall, although I do really enjoy good standup or panel shows (of the British type).


As for what I enjoy I'm a big comic nerd so comicbook based stuff I'm just lapping up atm. Not strictly limited to DC/Marvel either but also shows like Preacher, Lucifer and upcoming things like Deadly Class and Lazarus. I find that if I've read the source material it allows me to enjoy a live action version (be it film or show) a lot more than I would otherwise, perhaps cause I can simply appreciate the fact that the shows/films exist at all of these fairly unknown characters/stories. Not that I'm partial to giving glowing praise to every comic book show or film, Iron Fist bored me to tears and Suicide Squad like mentioned above was bloody awful.

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Horror and crime are my two favourite genres. If I had to write reasons for why it would be an incredibly long essay so I'll just keep it short and sweet.;)


As for least favourite. Hmmm that's actually quite hard, but I'd probably go for sci-fi. Whilst there are sci-fi films I enjoy it's not really the genre I indulge myself in on a regular basis. Never watched Star Wars, Star Trek or anything like that. Doesn't do anything for me.

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Horror and crime are my two favourite genres. If I had to write reasons for why it would be an incredibly long essay so I'll just keep it short and sweet. ;)


As for least favourite. Hmmm that's actually quite hard, but I'd probably go for sci-fi. Whilst there are sci-fi films I enjoy it's not really the genre I indulge myself in on a regular basis. Never watched Star Wars, Star Trek or anything like that. Doesn't do anything for me.

We are the exact opposite: Horror is my least favourite genre, and I'm not too big one crime stuff with a few exceptions (like The Wire as GOAT or Columbo), but I can't stand the regular crime stuff.

I also don't like weird Mystery stuff. Oh yeah, and pretty much anything about Superheroes. Seriously, it's mind-boggling how much Superhero stuff there is these days.


And I very much like Sci-Fi, but like you, I don't like Star Wars/Trek, I detest the binary light side/dark side stuff, and Star Treks incredibly naive/idealistic vision of humanity. This whole super good vs super evil concept makes these shows obsolete for me, they are really a product from a different age

Star Wars could be interesting, if they would go into a completely different time, because Lighsabers.. never gets old.

I really dislike how Star Was/Trek still dominates Sci-Fi so much these days, that barely anything can step out of their long shadow.

The only Sci-Fi I dislike as much as those 2 is Battlestar Galactica.


My favourite genre is def. comedy. This all applies to tv series in general, I barely watch any movies.

Comedy films are almost always terrible, while I enjoy many comedy series (until they inevitably jump the shark that is)

Edited by Candy_Licker
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Nothing beats good ol' dark humor. Why? First, dark humor is simply about digging up even the most controversial stuff which is considered to be serious or sacred for comedy materials. For this reason, dark humor includes a wide variety of topics beyond the level of our imagination, so a lot of movies we have already saw are probably dark comedies to a certain extent. For example, it won't be hard for any Quentino Tarantino fan to realize that what Tarantino does is dark humor more than anything. His Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and True Romance are crime-themed dark comedies trademarked with characters none of whom are actual winners, cheesy dialogues, all the blood and violence that is the "slapstick" of Tarantino's movies. A lot of war movies are actually about criticizing rather than doing propaganda, so war is a very common theme for dark humor movies. Examples? Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, Full Metal Jacket (which is why it is my favourite war movie of all-time) and Catch-22. Watch The Good, The Bad and The Ugly closely, you can notice some dark humor thrown in. The king of dark humor? Monty Python, without a doubt. Both The Holy Grail and Life of Brian are freaking masterpieces, but I like Life of Brian more because it weighs more on the "dark humor" side meanwhile The Holy Grail handles "absurd humor" better. I haven't watched The Meaning of Life yet, but I am sure it's swell too.


Then, why do I love adult animated cartoons? Because the very good ones are those that excessively feature dark humor. South Park is the absolute No. 1 example. Then, The Simpsons, Futurama, Ugly Americans, Rick and Morty, King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead... they might seem silly to some but they actually have more to offer about life than most of the other TV shows combined. I never thought I'd say this, but especially those cartoons have made dark humor my fuel in every possible way.


As far as it is a good crime movie, I'm sold. It doesn't matter if it is a crime-drama or crime-comedy... in fact, both have pretty successful examples. Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Rock'n'Rolla are the obvious nominations for the "Best Crime-Comedy" after Tarantino's movies. And if Martin Scorsese topples himself at any time, those times are when he goes around making Mafia-themed crime-dramas such as Goodfellas, Casino and less appreciated Mean Streets. If you take a look at any other Scorsese's works apart from mob movies, you'll see that he is about cries and cheers both (My suggestions? After Hours. Watching only that one is fair enough. In all honesty, After Hours is probably Scorsese's best work). Scorsese sparks the same magic even in his mob movies as well. That's why when you watch Goodfellas, you see Tommy busting Henry's balls in one scene and cold-bloodedly murdering someone in another. Crime-drama TV shows of the same spirit? The Sopranos, The Wire and Breaking Bad. I don't want to talk too much about these three because then it'd take my hours but they keep a serious, realistic tone and sometimes becomes preachy while occasionally providing the audience with funny moments... because that's how life is.


Other than the Godfather series, Coppola is an efficient drama movie-maker. I am a big fan of his Rumble Fish and The Outsiders, the latter of which also has intense comedy-drama motives. To summarize, I am also a fan of solid drama if it applies to my inner state with sympathetic examples that Coppola's movies provide... It's a shame that I still haven't seen Apocalypse Now though.


As much as I love the concept of Western movies, I sometimes find myself enjoying them, and the other times I find myself irritated. Wyatt Earp was one of those Western movies that almost hooked me up to the genre and Dollar Trilogy most probably ranks high on my "Top Favourite Movie Series" list, but apart from them, I don't like Western very much.


Sci-Fi... maybe I should see more of those movies before I make a clear statement but I never had a good relation with Sci-Fi movies... well, except for Back to the Future Trilogy - Movie Trilogy #1 for me. Seeing that you guys spoke of Star Wars, I'm not much of a Star Wars guy because when it had so much potential to actually deserve to be what it is hyped for, the whole Star Wars saga has stuck up in a total circle jerk - well at least the movie franchise. To admit, the extended SW universe sounds more ambitious than all the movies combined. I'm not saying that Star Wars is not likeable at all but you must sacrifice a lot in order to love it. For example, if you're more a "story guy", you have to ignore all of that poor writing first.


I don't like Action/Adventure flicks well because most of them lack of a good storyline as a means of making them a full-blown "eye feast" which I consider to be a cheap tactic of movie sellling and cult movie making (which is unfortunately a fact for cinema world today). To Live and Die in L.A is one of the few exceptions. As much as it's packed hard with action, To Live and Die in L.A also has a thrilling story totally worth to watch. Despite not having the exact qualities I did mention, I honestly like Indiana Jones movies - at least I was pretty hyped about them back in the day (well except for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).


Horror movies are not my cup of tea, it's not like I chicken out while watching them but I somehow consider them to be dull, boring and uninteresting... yes I said it. But would never say "no" to Final Destination or Friday the 13th. However, Thrill genre is different. I'm not a strict follower of the genre but there are some good, watchable movies sometimes... such as Blood Simple and No Country For Old Men (Not that strong in terms of story, but effective in giving that sweaty feel).

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