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ZOMBATIC. [Recruiting for Xb1.]

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We are a relatively new crew. Looking to expand and recruit at this current time. To meet new faces and make lasting connections with members who will be proud to represent us. This crew is a car based crew. But not limited to, though it must be your foremost important skill/interest.

We are going to hold car events/meets. Races. Missions. And much more to help crew members grow and rank up as well as enjoy their time within our ranks.

We are trying to be a mature and refreshing take on a loyal, respectable crew.

With mature members who respect one another and can guide each other through any shortcomings that may differentiate between members. We want to help better our crewmates and ourselves.

Our main aim is to be serious but to also have fun.



- Must have a mic and good communication skills. [Let us know when you can't be around or are going through something.]

- Be over the age of 18.

- Be mature and like-minded. Drama and petty messing about will be dealt with a swift kick from the crew.

- Must be as active as you possibly can.

- Be serious about the crew, though not personal. [We get it's a game but we are a community and a team and thus should take it serious enough to behave like one.]

- English speakers only.

-Xbox One players only. [May change in the future.]

- Be willing to help out lower crew members and provide solutions where needed. [A team is only as good as the weakest link.]

- Drama, fights or making anything personal within the crew will result in a strike. Three strikes and you're gone unless decided otherwise by the council. If a low ranking member this will result in questioning of your role/s within the crew. If a high ranking crew member you will be stripped of a rank each time you incur a strike. [You're to be setting an example to the newer members.]

- Any new members playing up or breaking rules whilst on trial run will be terminated from the crew asap. [We are a mature crew not a pack of children.]

- Swapping crews are discouraged regardless of the reason. Will result in reset rank or termination. [We are trying to be a tight-knit community. Doing this questions your loyalty and commitment.]

- Egos must be left at the door. But rank must be respected when something is enforced, using the proper channels to do so. [From Leader to Commissioners and down the line.]

- Starting beef or drama with another crew will not be tolerated. [We aren't about fighting or tainting our name. You want to do that you do it out of the crew.]

- If playing with your friends or family. Make sure to bring awareness to the fact that IF a crewmate is in your session that they're NOT to be killed. Betrayals will be dealt with harshly. [You are to make your crewmates always feel welcome and like they can approach you if need be.]

- Personal differences are to be left at the door/start of each login. Any disputes or issues between members are to be addressed to the Leader or a high ranking member. [We aren't about civil wars within our ranks. Or making anyone feel excluded/isolated. We are a team.]

- All crew members and recruits are to have their Social Club stats and pages visible to the crew and crew leader. Anyone who doesn't will not be eligible to join.


Good behavior/rewards.

Members who help other crewmates. Put in the effort and show their loyalty will rank up faster and be given more positions of trust and power within the crew. They will be more likely to be relied on for opinions on issues and topics. They will become apart of the council within the crew if their good work and effort continue at a fast steady pace. [The council will be explained in further detail when it is formed/we have enough members.]


Leader. [ https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/screamillusion ]

Crew. [ https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/zombatic ]

[Also Looking for a digital artist to join the crew. Who can do our custom logos and artwork. Will be paid for each commissioned items. SERIOUS TALENT ONLY.]

Any other inquiries just comment below or DM.


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