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Filthy Beasts Sport Bike MC Now Recruiting 18+

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Are you tired of the same old MCs? They preach brotherhood and an authentic MC experience, but don't deliver either? Do you want to be a part of a brand new take on the classic MC? Sick of rider Western Motorcycle Co's couches on wheels instead of the beautiful machines from Sh.itzu, Dinka, and Pegassi? Are you tired of waiting on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity as your club is a return fire only club? Well boy do we have a club for you!



The Filthy Beasts is a brand new branch of the Filthy brand trying to get our foothold in the MC community and trying to revolutionize it! We boast a wide variety of individuals who have a concept for a new take on the traditional motorcycle club and are set out to see it all the way through. Recruitment is open, so act now as we are actively searching for prospects to properly train them up and send them out in Los Santos leaving a trail of blood and tears in their wake. Prospect period is a minimum of 2 weeks and will last as long as it needs to. Still not convinced? Let me clear some stuff up for you!

First, we are a shoot first club! While we're smart about who we shoot at, we aren't afraid to initiate a little blood spatter.

Second, we don't follow a strict 1% code, but rather operate along situational guideline.

Third we are a mature, 18+ club. If you're under our age requirement but your maturity is at higher level we will consider bringing you in, but we tend to shy away from immature kids who don't understand that you can kill and mess stuff up in a classy organized way.

Last but certainly not least, we are a sport bike club. Why limit yourself with the countless rules from what clothes to wear to what bikes to ride found in a typical cruiser MC? We recognize the beauty in looking the way you want and the unrivaled power of these machines, and we aren't afraid to use it.

We require you to have a microphone and participate in in our club's Band chat. We need to be in communication with you. We are currently only on Xbox One. Depending on the climate and our growth we may consider venturing into other avenues of GTA 5? As it stands now though the Vespucci Originals are on Xbox.

Enjoy high stakes deathmatches and races? For real Shark cards? We are currently organizing leagues to provide such events!

A little more information about said club, we have a combination of over 5 years of various MC experience. We do everything in house, the patches we have and the banners were created by one of our own members as we do not outsource. We have ideas of rapid expansion in the time is right, so don't feel like you'll be stuck in neutral with us. As of right now all our members are Made in USA, and are currently spread across all US time zones. Have a question? Please don't hesitate to check with the President (gamertag StormzCummin), Vice President (Hazxng), or @filthybeasts.mc on our Instagram.

Edited by stormzcummin

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Filthy Beasts still looking for recruits

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I'm interested in joining

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Beasts still recruiting. Contact us for more info.



GT: StormzCummin




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Recruitment still open

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