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BMW or Mercedes-Benz?

German Car choosing  

6 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you rather choose BMW or Mercedes Benz.

    • BMW
    • Mercedes-Benz

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Which german engineering would choose?

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Both and neither. Both have great cars and less good cars. No need to talk down one or the other. Its like Ford VS Chevy, both have high end performance cars which are great, and both also make sh*tty cars like pretty much any brand.


Same goes for US cars VS Euro cars VS JAP Cars, all of them have great brands with great cars and also quite the long list of pos's.


Fanboys are the worst.

Edited by HeavyDuke

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I have both.


I like BMW better, but my G-Class is without equal when off-roading.


I think we can all agree BMW/MB > Audi




EDIT: We can all play it safe and be all like "All cars are beautiful!" but let's be bad for once and really go for it a la The Pit™: Vehicle Chat Edition


*Gets punched in the face by Sivis*

Edited by Outcast

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I'm traditionally an MB guy and I'm a big fan of them, yet I just this week went out and bought a five series.


I guess mercedes is a bit more about comfort and BMW is a bit of a lean towards performance, and from there it's personal preference. I've driven several of each this month, e-class and five series, s-class and seven series and they're all pretty great. I had a spin in a v8 545i and it was a rocketship. I settled for the 530 in the end as it wasn't significantly slower, yet gets about double the mpg. Also I really ended up going BMW in the end as I wanted a petrol engine. Most e-classes are diesel and there's a likelihood they'll get hammered on taxation in the UK in the near future.


Both brands have issues. Mb had corrosion and reliability issues for 90's to mid 2000s cars that was unforgivable in my book, yet BMW aren't perfect. The v8s have a numerous expensive flaws and others have cooling system issues and swirl flap flaws that also really should have been avoided. Neither brand is innocent here.


I suppose in a pinch, I would pick MB. I have had some older benzes that I seriously loved. Some of the best cars I've owned. I like older BMW's a lot too and quite frankly the M range is unsurpassed by just about anything, but for me it's MB.

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Depends. If I could choose between a C class and a 3 series, I'd much rather roll around in a Bimmer. However, when it comes to full size saloons, I think I'd choose an S class over a 7 series. By the way, I loveW140s.

I have only driven one MB so I'm not really competent to talk technical details unfortunately. I've driven a Benz, but I have never even sat in a BMW, so the latter is kind of a mystery for me. Also I've been in love with BMWs since I was a kid so all in all, I voted for BMW.

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We don't really need a million "favourite" or "do you prefer" topics. Please use the general vehicle chat thread.

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