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GTAV PS4 role play / roleplay


Recommended Posts

I am looking for good role players who can follow rules (rules are down below)




Taxi driver :

You need a taxi



You need a company in gta v



You need a air heli or a plane of some sort (no flying/land vehicles


Drug dealer :

You need a MC Business and a RV (you can not do real drug deals you need to pretend with another player)


911 services:

Police: a police vehicle and a suit.

Ambulance: a ambulance

Fire dep: fire truck


Robber: a mask and a gun




Follow real laws such as stoping at red lights and own street legal cars.






Dont cross the speed limit


So on so forth


Please fill out this form




In game name:




Age in game:


Do you have a good high quality mic:


Take this oath that you will not brake thes laws unless you are a criminal (say yes or no):


Thank you and I hope I see you on my server

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Out Of Character (OOC)

Name:ben Pearson



Role Play experience:i have done a couple of them in online sessions

Role: criminal

In Character (IC) criminal


Vehicle: Matt black sand king

Edited by Pop_stalk0091
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  • 2 months later...

PSN: Moe47dee

In game name: Moe Suza

Occupation: criminal

Age in game: 23

Do you have a good high quality mic: yes

Take this oath that you will not brake thes laws unless you are a criminal (say yes or no): yes

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In Character (IC)

Name:Markos AKA SiX
Job/Career/Money Source:Drug Dealer/GunRunner/UnwantedSonsMC President/Drag Racer

Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc):Calm, Short Fused, Insane, Depressive
Vehicle:NightBlade, Zombie Chopper, Declasse Voodoo, Albany Buccaneer, Karin Sultan

Kraken Razer Headset so yes

Take this oath that you will not brake the rules unless you are a criminal: Yes, But i am one, so no? But yes

PSN IIISiXSiNSIII [Capitalized i's]

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