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Why isn’t this a thing by now?


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Why not mask a tuner/nightclub update behind concepts depicted in previous titles. Take the cars from Midnight Club 2 plus the club access/missions from TBOGT then you have a rewarding DLC. We could run contact missions by mechanics allowing players to use their own custom tuners to complete mission objectives with a significant payout. Not to mention the attire will give R* a reason to grant Quinn Flowers better female clothing/hair options. I highlight MNC2 because R* owns the rights (I assume). Bring back the cage fights, the bus stop choreography, the broom closet blowjobs and underground fighting scene. Give the fan base the option to take down lawbreakers by gaining access to LSPDs criminal database to eliminate threats. Whether stopping a rape, busting Ashley Butler on drug charges or saving Karin Daniels from Altruist Camps everyone can get a piece of the action. Who could argue that right. But I guess a city wide Call of Duty or another Adversary Mode will pacify the general populace. I miss the following:

















Edited by NefertitiThelma89
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We already have a thread to post DLC wishlists.


As for your list, sure, I'd like to see ZR-350 (Mazda RX-7) returning, alongside RX-8, Supra, R-32 Skyline, Audi S3, Uranus (Sierra/Mustang/Escort), and many, many more. These are pretty common requests, been there since the game came out. We can only hope R* listens to them, who knows, they've added Cheetah three years after the game's release, so the hope is not gone. Only competitors to them would probably be Deluxo and Hermes, requested by masses.

When it comes to sex, video games are literally the last place I'd want to look for it. If I want to see two girls scissoring, I'll watch some porn instead of turning on GTA Online and watching my character doing it with a bunch of polygons, possibly with messed up high heels, like in any cutscene.

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👌🏾 Cool you cant get next to a raunchy game. Got it but if it didnt have an edge to make you say damn that doesnt belong there would you play it?

Edited by NefertitiThelma89
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Melee combat sucks really bad in this game. I don't wanna see punch club in GTA V.

Edited by Sanches
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If you want that, make sure you let Rockstar now. It's obvious from the last major DLCs that they listen to their fan base.

Edited by Matrelith
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Melee combat sucks really bad in this game. I don't wanna see punch club in GTA V.

And if anyone doubts this statement, play Prison Thugz Fight (any of the versions that don't put cheating weapons somewhere in the map) for an hour and decide if you ever want to punch in this game ever again.

Edited by ash-274
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Hey OP,

Your post is badly presented and hard to read. A block of text and stream of images below that. You need to underline and express each point individually instead of rambling out your thoughts. Some good ideas in there (I think) but no-one's listening.

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Broom Closet Blowjobs sounds like an excellent name for a band


As well as a release from Guided By Voices.

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Damm sure better get a muscle car DLC before this sh*t !, being an American based game and all.

Edited by elfoam
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You all lost me on the band name thing but funny anyway. Im not trying to push a petition. Just wondering if anyone was thinking the same. This is a forum. You either air out thoughts or give advice. However provide an avenue and Ill start a petition if its heard by R*. @ Jenkiii Im on a mobile device, words will not come out as Id like. My apologies for that. Yall are really locking in on ass here. I just thought thatd be funny but that Karin Daniels thread has a lot of traction 🐸 ☕. Obviously revamping the melee would be a necessity. I was thinking why not implement customizable melee or the San Andreas concept of a gym. The cars and nightclubs were just the surface of where they could go. Cannot have a race DLC without muscle car bruh.

Edited by NefertitiThelma89
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We already have a thread to post DLC wishlists.


Couldn't have said it better myself.


I'd recommend skimming the pinned topics before making threads like this next time.


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