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2PacSerbia's Generic GTA VI Concept


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*insert placeholder for logo here*

Coming out in 2019, GTA VI ventures out of its native America and into the country of Hungary, starring Richard Pauline, and his family as they fall deeper and deeper into the criminal life.
Unlike in past GTA games, the entire country of Hungary is playable (in a compressed form, of course). The game starts out during Fall in the town of Greenborough (based on the town of Pilisvörösvár), but soon changes to the Budapest inspired Capital City.

Richard Pauline: Richard is a 19 year old NEET living with his parents. He's a short, skinny white man who, being a high school dropout, does various odd jobs in order to make a living. His favorite outfit is a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

Melinda Pauline: Melinda is a 39 year old white woman. She's Richard's mom and John's wife. She works as a manager at the local mall. She likes guns, animals and rap music. Her favorite outfit is a leather jacket and jeans.

John Pauline: John is a 45 year old muscular white man. He's Richard's dad and Melinda's husband. He works at a lumberyard. He likes fishing and sports. His favorite outfit is a white tanktop and jeans.

Rock Pauline: Rock is the family dog. He's a black American Staffordshire Terrier. Like Chop in V, you can take him for a walk and teach him tricks, though this time you can do so without a phone app.

Gréta Pauline: Gréta is Richard's grandma and John's mother.

The Balog Family: This family is your enemy. They've been a thorn in your sides ever since you've been born. The family consists of Viktória (the mother), Dániel (the father) and Krisztina and Cintia (the daughters).

Police Chief Simon Tóth: He's your boss during most of chapter 2. Being a far-right wing man, Simon hates muslims and wants them out of the country. Many of his missions involve this. He's 55 years old and has blond hair.

Radio Stations: Unlike GTA V with its many different stations, GTA VI has somewhat less stations, although each one has more content, with around 3 hours of tracks each.
-Rise FM (House)
-District 8 Radio (Rap)
-DJazz FM (Jazz)
-Capital Underground (Drum 'n Bass)
-Flashback FM (80's and 90's)
-Ozone Radio (Pop)

-Rockefeller 109.3 (Rock)

-ChatterBox (Talk)


Chapter 1: The Hometown

Mission 1: Change of Horizons

This is practically the intro to the game. It shows Richard getting released from a mental hospital after having spent over a month in there for attempted suicide. As Richard's mom drives him home, the opening credits of the game start to play, set to various scenes in Capital City (the game's version of Budapest) (Music: Everything Everything - Cough Cough).
After arriving home, Richard talks with his mom about the futility of life, to which she tells him to knock it off and try to think positive.
Following the scene, the player gains control of the game.
Mission Passed, reward: None, besides the Pauline house, which serves as the first savepoint in the game and 135000 FT which you start with.

Mission 2: Man and Beast

Richard is asked by his parents to take Rock for a walk.
Objective: Get in your mom's car (a brown Vulcan Warrener), and take Rock to the nearby park. Once there, the game explains Rock's mechanics. After you played some catch with him, take the car and go back home.
Mission Passed, reward: 1000 FT.

Mission 3: Bad Medicine

One day, Gréta starts to complain about the medicine she was prescribed for and how it makes her feel ill. Richard decides to have enough and take the matter into his own hands.
Objective: Take your mom's car, go to the town hospital and meet Gréta's doctor, He claims that he had no idea that this would happen. Obviously, he's lying, so beat him up in what is a tutorial for the melee combat. After you beat him enough, he admits, and promises to give Greta proper medicine next time. Following this, take the car and go back home.
Mission Passed, reward: None.

Mission 4: Dead Ahead


Taking a few weeks after the previous mission, Gréta dies from a heart attack. Richard and his family are attending her funeral, when they're attacked by hitmen.

Objective: You're given a pistol, use it to kill the hitmen and get back to the car. Once there, the game goes to a rail shooter-like segment, where Melinda drives and you're shooting. Kill the hitmen who are chasing you, and the mission is over.

Mission Passed, reward: Pistol unlocked, can be bought for 80000 FT at gunshops.


Mission 5: Deal Steal


While Richard is watching TV, he sees the news about a drug deal taking place on Calvary Hill. Obviously, this is too good of an opportunity not to let go.

Objective: Take your dad's Faggio Sport and go to Calvary Hill. Once there, shoot the two men and pick up the briefcase. You will receive a 2 star wanted level. Lose the wanted level and get back home to complete the mission.

Mission Passed, reward: 80000 FT.


Mission 6: Hot Import Nights


Richard's parents have run out of cigarettes, and they ask him to get some.

Objective: There's a truck loaded with imported cigars at the truck stop near the town border. Go there and steal it. However, things aren't so easy as you'll get shot as soon as you enter the trucking park. Bring the truck back home safely to pass the mission.

Mission Passed, reward: 10000 FT.


Mission 7: Neighbours From Hell


You find out that the people who sent the hitmen after you during the funeral were the Balog family, who, upon hearing that they've been left out of Gréta's will, have decided to go for desperate measures.

Objective: Drive with your parents to Rákóczi Street, where the Balogs live. Once you enter the gate, their dog will attack you, so quickly shoot it. After that, enter the house, search and kill the family members. They're all armed, and Dániel (the father) has a shotgun, so watch out. After you kill them all, lose your 2 star wanted level and drive back home.

Mission Passed, reward: Shotgun unlocked, can be bought for 125000 FT at gunshops.


Mission 8: Desperate Times


Even though the Balogs weren't included in the will, your other relatives, the Töröks are. The will says that the Pauline house, if neither family can pay its price, has to be sold and its worth be shared between the two families. Since your family doesn't have enough money to pay for the house, or pay for any other house for that matter, they've decided to rob a nearby bank for the money.

Objective: Drive to the bank. Once there, a cutscene will play where you rob it for around 150 million forints. After it's done, you get a 3 star wanted level. Lose it, and drive back home.

Even though it seemed like you lost the cops, they were secretly following you, and as you're about to go home, they surround you and are about to arrest you. Richard tries to help his parents by shooting the cop who's arresting them, but he gets knocked out by another cop.

As the cops drive towards Capital City with you and your parents, the screen fades out and the GTA VI logo shows up.

You wake up at the Police HQ, sourrounded by cops. The police chief slaps you around, then forces you to get on the ground, as he anally rapes you with a nightstick. After he's done, he tells you what happened: your parents are in jail, and if you want them to be released, you have to work for the police. Having no other choice, you accept.

Mission Passed, "reward": You lose all of your weapons.

Edited by 2PacSerbia
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I definitely like the overall idea, my only suggestion is to put more detail into this! You've got decent characters so far based on their descriptions, but go a step further - provide some character pictures from famous people. Same with the radio stations; they sound cool, but make some headers and list some actual tracks to go along with them.


You've definitely got the bones of a great concept here, you just need to put more work into it. Regardless of whether or not you're willing to go down the road of further detail for the missions and stuff, it can't hurt to flesh out the OP as much as you can in the meantime. I'll keep an eye on this.


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Radio Stations:


Rise FM:

Newik - My Love

Bahlzack feat. Bonnie Rabson - Dreaming

Newik feat Lokka Vox - Tonight (Into The Waves)

Kaskade & Deadmau5 - Move For Me

Cole Plante - Lie To Me feat Koko LaRoo, Myone & Shane 54

Antonyo - I Can't

Pixa - Sunset

Antonyo - Been Too Long

Willcox - Shady Baby

Henza ft Michaela & Narangerel - Moments

Canard - Calling

Willcox - In My Head

Oliver Heldens - Melody

Oliver Heldens - Koala

Chris Lawyer - Shine On Me

Chris Lawyer - Right On Time

Tiesto feat. Bright Sparks - On My Way (EDX's Miami Sunset Remix)

Calvin Harris feat. HAIM - Pray To God (R3HAB Remix)

Nora En Pure - Saltwater (2015 Rework)

David Guetta feat Kid Cudi - Memories (Cat Dealers Remix)

Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Tiesto Mix)

Earth n Days - Try

Charlie Puth - Attention (Pascal Junior Remix)

Dj Dark x Dj Nil feat. Zara - Yaman

Kanita - Dont Let Me Go (Gon Haziri Remix)

Crazibiza feat. DragonFly - Got The Love (Sante Cruze Remix)

Sante Cruze - Get So High

Black Box - Everybody Everybody (Max & Sims Bootleg Remix)



District 8 Radio:

Aesop Rock - Zero Dark Thirty

J-kwon - Boo Boo

K.A.A.N - Phoenix

Treamann - Ready Yet

OutKast - Ms. Jackson

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise feat. L.V.

2pac feat Dr.Dre - California Love

Eminem - Till I Collapse

Eminem - Rap God

Desiigner - Panda

Lil Pump - Gucci Gang

Ayo & Teo - Rolex

Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall – Juju On That Beat

Soulja Boy Tell'em - Crank That

Akon - Smack That feat. Eminem

50 Cent - Candy Shop ft. Olivia

The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps

Yo Gotti - Tell Me (Feat. Fetty Wap)

IAMSU! - Mobbin

Stormzy - 4PM In London

Lil Durk Feat YFN Lucci - Feel Good

Tyga - Hookah ft. Young Thug

Chris Brown - Loyal feat. Lil Wayne, Tyga

Fetty Wap - 679 feat. Remy Boyz

Rae Sremmurd - No Type

Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz

Big Sean - I Don't f*ck With You feat. E-40

Chris Brown - Look At Me Now feat. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes

Lil Wayne - Mirror feat. Bruno Mars


Flashback FM:

Rare Earth - I Just Want To Celebrate

Madonna - Borderline

Michael Jackson - Beat It

Boston - Peace Of Mind

Aerosmith - Dude Looks Like A Lady

U2 - Beautiful Day

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Deniece Williams - Lets Hear It for the Boy

Richard Marx - Hazard

Feargal Sharkey - A Good Heart

J. D. Souther - You're Only Lonely

Siberian Heat - Angels Heart

Tears For Fears - Mad World

Nik Kershaw - Dancing Girls

Wham - Freedom

The Archies - Sugar, Sugar

William Cooper - Dream Of Me

Sharon Redd - Beat The Street

Pretenders - Brass In Pocket

Thomas Bainas - Blue Eyes

Jujuan - Taste It

Tina Turner - Typical Male

Pet Shop Boys - Rent

Shalamar - Take That To The Bank

Guadalcanal Diary - Country Club Gun

Lionel Richie - My Destiny

Womack And Womack - Teardrops

Huey Lewis & The News - Stuck With You


DJazz FM:

Michael Manson - Straight Up

Daniel Chia Feat. Melina - Where Do We Go From Here

Kenny G - Midnight Motion

Christie Grace - Unconditional Love

Ken Navarro - You Are Everything

Luna Negra & Ottmar Liebert - The Girl From Ipanema

Cindy Bradley - Girl Talk

Funkee Boy - Bonafide

Lilian Hak - Gone With The Wind

Nick Colionne - C-Ray

Basia - Time and Tide

Arno Haas - Chick Flick

Special EFX - Another Day, Another Smile

Stanley Turrentine with The Three Sounds - Gee Baby, Aint I Good to You

Torcuato Mariano - Lift Me Up

Solaris Navis - Blissful Memories

Down To The Bone - Global Village

Joe Sample - Seven Years Of Good Luck

Chuck Loeb - Way Up High (feat. Carmen Cuesta)

Tony Martin - Walk Hand In Hand

Harry "Sweets" Edison - Pussy Willow

Kevin Kooyumjian - Kriss Kross

Bill Withers - Aint No Sunshine (Haukjem Remix)

Erroll Garner - Mood Island

Gota - Island Farewell

Bing Crosby - My Blue Heaven

Chris Standring - Like This Like That

Rosemary Clooney - Elington Medley

Chris Standring - Soul Vibration

Barry Greene - Slow Jam

Ellis Marsalis - Just Squeeze Me

Oscar Peterson - Its Alright With Me

Brian Simpson - Lets Get Close

Norman Brown - It Keeps Coming Back

Bill Cantos And Mari Falcone - All Creatures Of Our God And King


Rockefeller 109.3:

Joe Walsh - Lifes Been Good

Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Bobby Brown - My Perogative

Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water

Mamas & Papas - California Dreamin

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today

Nine Days - If I Am

Phil Collins - One More Night

Jefferson Starship - No Way Out

Chasing Verity - No Back Up Plan

Bobby Bare Jr - Valentine

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fresh Air

We Know Mason - Money

The Monkees - I'm a Believer

Eclipse - No Way Back

Paul Mccartney - You Tell Me

Bloc Party - Banquet

The War On Drugs - Holding On

Grateful Dead - They Love Each Other

Judas Priest - Desert Plains

Rod Stewart - Maggie May

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Buffalo Springfield - Sit Down, I Think I Love You

Alanis Morissette - Hand In My Pocket

Eagles - Heartache Tonight

The Outsiders - Touch

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

Almost Brothers Band - Driving Wheel

Taste - Leavin Blues

The Rolling Stones - Time Is On My Side

Shy - Break Down The Walls

Fischer Z - Marliese


Ozone Radio:

The Chainsmokers - Paris

Burak Yeter - Tuesday ft. Danelle Sandoval

Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix)

The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk

Zagar feat Underground Divas - Wings of Love

The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This

Alan Walker - Alone

Clean Bandit - Symphony feat. Zara Larsson

Charlie Puth - Attention

Luis Fonsi - Despacito feat. Daddy Yankee

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)

Owl City - Fireflies

Train - Hey, Soul Sister

Gym Class Heroes: Stereo Hearts ft. Adam Levine

Halott Pénz - Ahol a május földet ér

Bastille - Pompeii

John Newman - Love Me Again

Imagine Dragons - Demons

Maroon 5 - This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf****r

Passenger | Let Her Go

Vitas - 7th Element

CARAMEL – Használd a szívedet

No!End&B-Sensual feat Király Viktor & Király Linda - Move Faster

Viktor Király - Fire

Freddie - Pioneer

Camila Cabello - Havana

Zayn ft. Sia – From Dusk Till Dawn

Kygo - Firestone feat. Conrad Sewell

Jonas Blue - Fast Car feat. Dakota

Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley - Chained to the Rhythm

Juli Fabian & Zoohacker - Sizzlin'

New Level Empire - Odafuthanánk

Edited by 2PacSerbia
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  • 5 months later...

Chapter 2: Bent Cop Blues

Mission 9: Cadet Days


As it is your first day as a cop, you're given a senior member to watch over you. You're given a pistol, a shotgun and a squad car.

Objective: Get in the car. Your first task is to break up a bar brawl...by shooting everyone involved to death. After that, you're given a call about a woman being harassed by a migrant. Go there and kill the migrant, and you'll get another call, this time about a rabid dog who's keeping the neighbourhood in panic. Go there, and you're told to kill the dog. Richard refuses, but the senior member says otherwise. This results in a fight, in which the senior accidentaly gets shot. The nearby cops saw this, and now you have a 2 star wanted level to lose. After you lost it, the mission is passed.

Mission Passed, reward: Micro-SMG unlocked, can be bought for 160000 FT at gunshops.


Mission 10: In His Majesty's Secret Service


Chief Simon knows about what happened, and he isn't happy. He decides that instead of being a regular cop, you'll work directly for him instead. He mentions the leader of the Hungary First (the fictional version of the right wing party Jobbik) party, Miklós Smith, who, in a shocking turn, says that "Islam is the religion of the future". Richard asks if he's the same man who wanted to deport all gypsies and jews out of the country. Simon says yes, and that Miklós is too dangerous to leave alive, so he has to be assasinated. Naturally, you're the one to do it.

Objective: You're given a Sniper Rifle. Go to District 11. Once you're there, go on top of the building near where Miklós is holding his speech, and kill him with the rifle. His security will be alerted, so kill them too. Once you killed them all, the mission is done.

Mission Passed, reward: 60000 FT; Sniper Rifle unlocked, can be bought for 230000 FT at gunshops.


Mission 11: All The Other Kids


The chief is mad that so many people stand with the migrants, so he gives you a mission: dress up as a migrant, go to the school at District 14, kill everyone you find and then blow the place up.

Objective: Go to the school and go inside. When you're in, kill the students and teachers. After you're done, go down to the generator room, and place the bomb. Leave the school and detonate the bomb. Once the school explodes, you'll immediately get a 4 star wanted level. Lose it, and the mission is completed.

Mission Passed, reward: 110000 FT.


More missions coming soon!

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Of all the countries to use as a debut for GTA 6 leaving America.. hungary?

Why not? There's political corruption, there's organized crime, and there's the whole migrant crisis as a conflict. I think it's as good a location as, for example, Mexico or Russia.

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