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Chrome Toyota Prius

Should I buy GTA IV?

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Algonquin Assassin

You forgot Vigilante, which was greatly improved upon from the 3D era version. Then there's the many various theft side missions from Brucie and Stevie, etc...


GTA IV's vigilante's great. Probably the most addictive side mission in the whole series. I'd rather do that than fight fires, deliver pizzas, play around with RC cars or whatever other bullsh*t was concocted in the 3D era.

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Well I've only played it on xbox so I don't have access to mods and it's an amazing game. I don't know what mods could improve about it.

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Hot Pursuit

GTA IV's vigilante's great.

Totally agree, I always enjoy doing vigilante in IV, a huge improvement over 3D era, I also liked how the location is a perfect place for shootout, my most favorite vigilante would be Gang Activity


Shame there's no proper reward though

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It's my personal favourite in the series! I love it, there is a lot to do on the game. The story is great, the city looks breath taking, walk through Star Junction at night and you will know what I mean. The characters are awesome! Lots to explore. What version do you want? For me I would personally get the 360 version, as I've heard other people hear saying it's better than the PC and PS3 version. Hopefully there is a port to the PS4, but I'm not counting on it.

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