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Additional Hardcore/Survival Mode

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Skyrim recently had a survival mode added to it, with a sleep, food, warmt and water guage which effects your character. Fallout New Vegas had a similar mode. Red Dead Redemption had a hardcore mode but this differed as it just changed the difficulty, not the gameplay mechanics. But it is interesting that it is the first Rockstar open world title with a difficulty setting.


My question is would you like to see such a mode added as an extra. I'm not suggesting that it becomes the new Gta, Gta is a different beast to this idea. Just an additional mode with different gameplay mechanics and additional features. For those who this would appeal to what features would you like to see and why, mine are below.


Limited inventory and ammunition.

Slower and more realistic cop spawning

Free aim.

Less health and more damage taken from gunshots.


That's as far as I'd go with a hardcore mode, some people may like a sleep, drink, and hunger stat. Or have to stop in garages to fuel vehicles.


What features would appeal to you in a hardcore/survival mode, also how far would you go with a survival mode, what features would take the fun out of it for you, making it more of a chore. For me it would be having to eat, drink, and rest on a regular basis.


I avoided using the term realistic in this post as this is more about features which would make the game more immersive. Realistic in a video game is relative to the game itself and video game logic.

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Sure as long as it doesn't change my (BMI) Body Mass Index.

Also gas shouldn't run out as a default setting, cause Mafia 2 was horrible and Mafia 3 improved on that flaw.

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Well, it's more "Hardcore" than "Survival", but I really like this idea. It makes sense for the series, I can keep the weapons in normal mode, and people who want a meatier challenge can pick the mode with the meatier challenge. I see winners on all sides with this one.

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Guns Jamming like in Far Cry 2.

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