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Ive been recently playing gta v online and i loved the online dlc vehicles such as bombushka and apc. So i decided to bring them to offline by using menyoo mod menu and i did but i cant fire rockets or anything from apc or bombushka. I also now cannot enter the turret guns of technical, insurgents or limo. is there any mod that might help.

pls help and thanks =) :lol:

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Some Online vehicles functionality is not available on PC.

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Default the Online vehicles should not work. Are you using a mod to make them work in SP? I recommend: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/mplowrider2-in-sp


Well, 'not work' is perhaps a might confusing. The mod you mentioned prevents the online cars from despawning: it will not help the OP to 'fire rockets or anything'.


Also, if he already spawned those cars, he must already have had said mod (or one of the older ones, like mpspecialraces.asi).

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only confirmed "not working" parts of Online vehicles in SP are:

#1 flares on planes

#2 bombdoors and dropping bombs underneath the plane

#3 directly switching to guns inside attack vehicles (tula, apc)

#4 entire MOC (it is fully separate interior world separate from main world)

#5 dropping proximity mines from fully modded gunrunning vehicles

#6 bombushka turrets as well (may be specially scripted as MOC and in online you cant go back to turrets when pilot leaves plane while you handle turrets, you become pilot)

But you can enter gunner seat in Single player mode:

go near the door of gunner seat or stand near turret ( stand on the vehicle) and HOLD F (or whatever you have mapped your enter vehicle key as). BTW same thing works in online for each vehicle with passanger handled turret/weapon.

Edited by ACM-Jan

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