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pcj 700, is there?


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No, there's not. This has been posted before. Search pleace.


I've heard some where that when you completed a lot of the races at the Stadium, the PCJ-700 would apear by the BB's, well, thars bullsheit too. I've completed the HR race at least 30 times, my record for the BR race is 600 seconds and 375 kills... I think that pretty much explains it.  ;)

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there was a topic about this once, i think it was called:



pcj 700!!!!


and he had loads of fake pictures and all, then the clever ppl of the forums proved him wrong, again, another spammer exposed ;)


there is no pcj700 (if only there was)


-Gnobe- starts to daydream and chuckle evily to himself


*wakes up*




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But I heard there was a pcj 800!  My friend told me!  And he said you have to open the door to the chopper,  jam the motorcycle into it, then fly around in circles for 3 hours!  Then the pcj 900- I mean- pcj 800 will appear in the biker club.  And you can't take it outside, you have to drive it around inside.  But it's the fastest vehicle in the game!


Anywho, liamk 15, there are enough people in this forum with enough knowledge to compensate for everything that should be known about VC.  If you you didn't read it here, it doesn't exsist.



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thanks alot, thought it was a load of sh*te!


but theres an idea for the next gta (if there is one) :rah:  :r*:  :wtf:  :wtf:

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I dont think there is a 700 but ive been told if u do enuff stadium missions 1 will appear outside, but its probably bullsh*t  :p  :p  :p

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