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SpearHead SC Recruiting Now!

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What is SpearHead?

We are a newly reformed security consultant which was active on PS3 until a downfall when PS4 came out. The original crew was disbanded and now we look to reform it from scratch. It will be a long journey but we will come through and make this clan greater than it ever was. The original crew had 30+ members in it and people would often come and go.


What do we do exactly?

CEO/MC Game play: One of the clan Lieutenants+ will start a MC or become a CEO (more people, means more MCs or CEOs). You will all then work together to complete missions, run supplies for businesses, or selling product.

Team Gamemodes: Work together in TDM, Capture, Adversary modes and many more team based game modes RS has to offer.

Crew Events: We will often do crew events like paratrooper raids, beach landings, fighter battles, escort missions and many more military based things.

Racing: Racing will be a big part in this crew. So if you like to race then join us and we can get together massive races which will take place on RS created maps and any custom content you suggest.




How do I join?

1. Message me on GTAV crew forums.

2. Add caboose1998 on PS4

3. PM caboose1998 on PS4 (added me or not)

4. Spend atleast 1 week as a trainee or until we feel you are ready to become a member or not.

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


Please can you add your Social Club Crew link, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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