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Peaceful lobbies here


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Hello guys. I think a lot of u faced the problem of finding peaceful lobbies without hydra griefers or other ppl who think its funny to destroy your sometimes very expensive stuff. I was trying to find on internet some info on community groups who runs only peaceful lobbies but most of them are abandoned or outdated.

I returned to GTAO couple of weeks ago and started some businesses and liked it a lot. And really will grind more and more (not a fan of donations). I want you guys to feel free to add me on Social Club (https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/.byme1/) or on Steam (byME) and together we will make this peaceful lobbies great again (lel). Also, if u are my friend on RSC just join me from "Friends" menu ingame when I'm online. And feel free to offer your lobbies for players unless u are a griefer ofc (then just go play another game pls). And ofc we will kick any idiots who will disturb our comfort grinding.

Here is a little form u can use to offer lobbies or find ones:

1. Platform u are playing - (XBOX/PS4/PC)

2. Your RSC profile nickname

3. Your timezone - (GMT)

4. Activities u mostly like doing - (Bikers business/Bikers work/CEO Cargo/CEO Import-Export/CEO Bunker/CEO Air shipping/CEO associates work/Freeroam)

I'll start myself:

1. Platform u are playing - PC

2. Your RSC profile nickname - .byME1

3. Your timezone - GMT+3

4. Activities u mostly like doing - Bikers business/CEO Cargo/CEO Import-Export

Edited by byME
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Bidnes - Im all about makin paper.


I have one of each of the major business hubs (vehicle warehouse/bunker/hangar/coke lab) and i tend to rotate through them all and help others who help me in return. Im collecting online friends currently to play with so feel free to join me and my ragtag friends list.


R* social name is same as forum name. Steam name is different - i should probably change it though.

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