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The Experience's Life in Los Santos

Recommended Posts


The Experience's Life in Los Santos

The Most Realistic Roleplay Community​

What we offer

  • Tracked Inventories
  • Player ran economy
  • Member ran Police
  • Member ran Factions (Mafias, Street Gangs, MCs, etc.)
  • Member ran Businesses
  • High level of player interactions

Each new member starts with $30,000 and a hotel room. You can get jobs, create businesses, or live a life of crime to build that wealth and become one of the most powerful members in the community. With daily sessions you have plenty of chances to progress your character. We also offer Out Of Game text roleplay if there are no sessions. So you can progress your character 24/7 if you want!


"This is honestly a great time for any serious role players. There's businesses, gangs, motorcycle clubs. Lots of fun role play going on and it's the most advanced and structured you'll find on console.

Give it a try. We're all having a ton of fun."

"Its like playing a whole new game"

"Theres nothing else like it"

Our members are all friendly and staff are always updating and can be reached to handle any issue anytime of the day. Our sessions range from 5 players to 20+ players.

Established factions are more than welcome to join. They get extra bonuses to keep their faction up to their standards. Staff can always negotiate if certain things are needed.

We organize and RP through Discord. So Discord is a must.

Our Rules to better understand:


Our Discord code:


Our Discord link:


Website coming soon!

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


Your post doesn't comply with the Recruitment Forum Rules. Please feel free to read them and try a fresh post.


You can also refer to this post to learn how to create a good Recruitment post.



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