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Black screen after loading

Le Pro Noob

Go to solution Solved by Le Pro Noob,

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So I bought a new laptop, installed GTA 4 on it, upgraded to patch 7, installed xlive, used commandline (because it was giving me problems like not starting up and stuff). I got it to the condition where the game loads, but now i can only see a black screen. I can hear the cutscene playing in the background, but no video. After the cutscene ends, the screen stays black. I can't Alt+Tab out of the game once i get the black screen, so the only way out is to restart my laptop.

I tried reinserting the CD and running the setup to fic the files, updating again, with and without xlive, but none of these work.

I've also tried setting it to admin privileges and compatability to windows 7

I'm using a Dell Inspiron 15 5567 with the following specs:

7th gen i5-7200U @2.5Ghz


4 GB Radeon R7 M445 graphics

Windows 10 home


How do i fix this?

EDIT: I reinstalled tye game and now i can see the cutscenes with audio. But I get really low FPS. Any fixes?

Edited by StormBreaker
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Well it turns out it worked only once. I booted up the game again today and i still have the problem. I also tried running it in safe mode as admin, still having the problem.

Edited by StormBreaker
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  • Solution

So i was messing with the settings, it was probably directx. I don't know which application i opened but it installed directx. When i ran the game, it was working fine. Thanks for the help @X-Vector

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