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Devils of Death MC Recruitment

Devils of Death MC

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Devils of Death MC



A brief summary

Our club consists of die hard members loyal not only to the club but to each other,we pride ourselves in being one of the oldest MCs on GTA and keeping the same ideals that we had 4 years ago.


Devils of Death was created in 2013 a week after the release of GTA online.

Initially there was two members TrickishBard4 and SeanieWanKenobi. But As the weeks went on more people started to join and eventually we had a good 15 people.

As the crew developed people who randomly met online became good friends (to the point where some are active with us to this day).

In late 2015 unfortunately our club went inactive and for a few months a spin off crew called "Iron Devils" was made.

However events led to us reforming into the one original club again in mid 2016 and now we have become a stronger club that has developed ideals and values resulting in new members having the same love for the club as 2013 founders.

​So if you want to be part of a crew that doesn't take sh*t from anyone else! A true MC that refuses to get involved in the MC drama and is all about the ride,then....

Welcome to "Devils of Death MC"
Established in 2013


We have a set of rules you must follow, look at the website below



If you are interested in prospecting please contact any the people below:
Xbox Gamertag: IvDeadReapervI (Sgt. at Arms)
Edited by Devils of Death MC
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