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Bunker swap

Mr Spanky

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Asking for a friend....


He has the paleto bunker, but is looking to swap to a better location


Now, I understand that any supplies/stock/current research will be lost, along with any upgrades to the bunker


But, the question is, when trading in the original bunker, you get 50% of the purchase price, do you also get a percentage of the upgrade costs?


In the same way, if you bought a car, and upgraded it, you get a percentage of the upgrade costs


I have used the search function, found quite a number of threads regarding swapping bunkers, but, none of them have clarified this question


Thanks in advance

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When I traded mine in, I'm very sure I got all the upgrades for free, as they transfered over from the old one. Except of course, as you mentioned, the 3 business upgrades.


Not sure what you mean by car upgrades discounted, that's only when Rockstar put certain ones on promotion?

Edited by StormerBoy
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The upgrades in question are, the staff and equipment upgrades


The reference to the car was not discounted upgrades, it was the percentage of the upgrade cost being refunded


Such as, if you purchased a car, then fitted a turbo for $50,000, you would get $25,000 more than stock selling price for the car




My friend decided to take the plunge last night, and swap bunkers


He had the paleto bunker, and swapped to the chumash bunker, he had the staff and equipment upgrades upgrades in the paleto bunker, it appears that he has been given a 50% refund on the cost if the bunker AND the staff/equipment upgrades


He did have to do the initial set up mission again though

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Ah yes. I see what you mean about the car.


Hmmm, I don't remember being given 50% off my business upgrades. But cool for him 😎

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