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GTA Online Heist Loylity 21/26?



Hello guys :)


As you can see I have a Problem with the challenge loyality. I seen many Problems with 25/26 and there you can Play the first heist with a Crew member and get your Bonus yea.... but.... it seems a whole heist didnt Count for me. 2 of my friends got the Bonus and me and the last one not. I didnt played in a other heist, i also got the all heist in a row challenge with my friends but not the loyality challenge. Did the game really dont Count 1 heist which one i dont know of Course. Do i have to Play every heist again? in order to find the missing heist for me? ist really frustrating....


Hopefully you can understand my bad english im sry and i hope someone can help me xd

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2 answers to this question

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I would guess that since you are 21/26 the one that is missing may be prison because 4 setups and the finale gives you 5.

Alot of players have had problems with these awards.

Idk I would try prison, the first setup at least and see what happens.

However the description does say you must do them back to back.


The best thing to do when attempting these awards is to play a random set up or finale with your team then split up for fleeca, then meet back up again for prison. This way, hopefully the game recognizes you as a team before you begin.

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hmm okay thanks we have it to do it anyway i guess. the fourth friend which didnt get the Bonus either haves 15/26 ! thats even worse... we really didnt played in an other heist or something... but we Play it all again and even get the 10m Dollar challenge xD but thanks we give it a try

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