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All Peds, Weapons, & Cars ID List for Scripters

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Here, I have all the peds, weapons and cars but in ped spawn, few of the ripped peds from game like MH, MH2, LCS, VCS, GTAIII, GTAVC crashes so it will not show few models, I didn't bother digging for GTAIII & GTAVC peds exept mission peds like classic Claude, classic Catalina, 8Ball and Luigi but I can't get Tommy Vercitti between VC peds because of the crash on the 1st top ped from the menu.

One of the bully peds has no texture.


I accidentally shapshot some SA models, the rest of SA models will be in the wiki.


SA Peds: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/All_Skins_Page


SA Cars: https://www.gtavision.com/?section=content&site=122


SA Weapons: http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Weapons_in_GTA_San_Andreas(Weapon IDs can be found in Sanny Builder Manual)



The model ID names are highlight white are the real name of the IDs but cars shown full names if you can't find the car model ID from other games in Sanny Builder use ID numbers instead it display ID numbers on top of the left side screen.




Here the example mission:


Trajon Whores



Hello, Liberty City


Edited by skatefilter5

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