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Version 1 Water & Rain Lag and slowdown


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I have Version 1 of gta sa installed on both my laptop and my desktop.

On my laptop, I even have the hot coffee mod installed and unlocked.

My desktop is a very slightly better than my laptop, but they are very close - same processor (i5) and 4gb of RAM, only my desktop does have an independent 256mb video card, my laptop has an intergrated intel video card.

The game works flawlessly and very smooth on my laptop - no issues at all.

However when I play on my desktop, I have some issues.

I was playing the mission "Amphibious Assault", and I was having problem swimming in the caves under water, it was very slow, and I ran out of oxygen and health and died a few times. I eventually turned "Frame limiter" off, and then it worked fine.

I also see a slowdown when I am driving in the rain.

Again, this only happens on my desktop which is as I said, slightly more powerful than the laptop which gives me no issues, and it's the exact same copy of the game.


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Start with game itself. Is your v1 DVD clean and unmarked?

What Operating System do you have?

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Start with game itself. Is your v1 DVD clean and unmarked?

What Operating System do you have?


I have an ISO file, which I mounted, so disc damage is not an issue.


I am running Windows 7, I have used Windows 7 for years, beat the game 10 times at least by now, more than half of that on Windows 7, and no problems before.

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Then the issue might be from the Game.

We do not attempt to "Fix" games that are not purchased, and played in the published format.

Try asking at the web site where you acquired the game.

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