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The Orville - Star Trek Spoof, Seth MacFarlane Comedy Drama Series


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Has anyone watched this show yet?, it's ok for a lough, but not as funny as I thought it be, wont see any emmy's

Edited by Craigsters

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  • 4 weeks later...

I've been following it and I don't really see it attempting to be much of a spoof. I was kind of thinking it would end up being like what Space Balls was to Star Wars, but they seem to be taking the sci-fi serialization seriously. Kind of hit or miss with the writing of the episodes, but they at least try to be more than just humor every episode. I actually don't really find most of the jokes that funny but the show overall is entertaining and very reminiscent of Star Trek TNG. I look forward to it each week a lot more than I look forward to the actual new Star Trek that's out.

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I start watching it on Fox an I like it. Some humor with interesting sci fi concepts like episode with bioship. It does remind me on TNG/DS9/VOY era of Star Trek,and its a good thing to me. So far likening this more than ST Discovery.

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I'm up to Episode 9 of the season, still have 3 more to catch up. I'm likening it a lot, and I'm hoping the series continues for very long time.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Clem Fandango

Great show, my only beef is some of the tracts are a bit too specific. For one, I've seen seven episodes and two were about religion. Roddenberry also thought humanity would outgrow religion but kept it subtle. I also just watched the one with the upvote/downvote system that I was enjoying until they flat out said that representative democracy is best. Roddenberry always kept the political structure of the federation vague to make the aspirational themes of the show more universal.


Maybe it's not fair to judge it as a Trek show since it's not technically Trek but let's be honest, this is more of a successor to classic Trek than the sh*te we have these days.


I also think it works much better as a prequel than Discovery. I always just flat out accepted that first contact with the Vulcans and subsequent world unification produced a rational system and that when multiple generations had been raised under this system, emotional conflict fell by the wayside. The Orville- being a comedy- shows a point in human development where humans live in a rational social structure and have their needs met through technology but where people are still jerks fumbling through their interactions. This fits much better into the Star Trek timeline than the Federation being evil or whatever.

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The Time Ranger

I'm seven episodes in, just saw Majority Rule. Really enjoying it so far, a good mix of comedy and seriousness. Happy to report it has been renewed for a second season.

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Great fun show to watch noneoftheless, excellent writing and direction. Well balance humour and seriousness. I love it!

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