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What hints would you give yourself in 2013?


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If you could go back in time & tell yourself only 4 hints about the upcoming gta years, what would they be? and how would your past-self interpret the hints?



1.Its coming

Interpretation - Id think this would be referring to a Hydra


2. Hell is coming

Interpretation - id think gta online would become more so a war zone, which makes me very very happy to an extent.


3. Never Give Up keep pushing

Interpretation - I would interpret this to abuse money glitches 10x more.


4 - Patience

Interpretation - my 2013 self was a bit impatient with heists, so id assume this meant patience for heists.

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Well I'd definitely tell myself to make use of the pre-homing launcher days more. I did use Buzzards back then, but I should've been all over them more (those times were great). Though at least the Holy Grail will somewhat bring things back to being as they should be and originally were.


Same with the tank, since that got turned into paper.


Oh, and with sniping too (pre-wiggling days).


Basically, just enjoy things before certain vehicles, playstyles, etc. become cr*ppier and/or more toxic.

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.Diana McFarland.

"DO NOT BUY ANY supercars/expsensive vehicles"


i have like 50m in dumb sht that i dont even use 99% of the time

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Stop playing this game after Jan 2016


(Met other half at the time)

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No good hair is coming.


Only a few good clothing is coming.


Stupid Mad Max/Borderlands/Hot Wheels cars are coming.


No hope for the Savage....

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No hope for the Savage....

Well, there is some hope for it. I mean, it can survive a missile now, often without smoking.




(If you're on form and not playing sloppily like I was there, you can get more out of it).


Still, could do with more explosive sniper resistance (and small guns resistance). I also don't see why they didn't add countermeasure options to everything.


If they can't add those around the board for whatever reason, then maybe a Savage Custom could come out.

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GTA is fun and all but don't waste too much of your precious time on it. Learn a real skill, make some real friends, kiss more girls. Do nice things for strangers.

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1. Don't friend people in this community constantly caught in the middle of drama.

2. Don't get tempted by lowriders.

3. Make custom crew emblems before it gets patched.

4. Invest in a modded account and enjoy these first 2 years on GTAO.

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Exploit like hell, abuse glitches, dupe like an extreme mofo and never buy shark cards. Because 4 years on and some $1,600 spent on the game, R* decided to steal 600k from me and wont even respond to questions or provide evidence.

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Don't expect SP DLC

I remember those CVG YouTubers, saying SP DLC was coming lol. They were usually reputable, but I guess they changed .......
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Don't waste money on the tank, it'll be useless in two weeks cause babies will bitch and moan about it.... yet jets never did get nerfed despite the same happening about those for a lot longer. -_____-

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This one is tricky.
In 2013 i didn't want to buy it, even if i was sure that it will be on PC too, since my laptop was pffrft.
But after PC release, people started to talk about good optimisation and stuff, so i bought it.

No regrets. No hints.

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First main thing I'd tell myself is not to buy a lot of the nonsense I did when I did... Things like all the clothing, the yacht, and gold aircraft...


Don't get me wrong, I want/wanted these things, just as soon as I bought one thinking I'm good for cash, can't add that much more...


It just kept on coming, getting more expensive, meaning more was needed...


Hooked, I was... Grind, fight, grind, fight, grind, fight...


That, or simply not to upgrade... The game has not once peaked like when I was on old gen... I started off a complete noob, never having played online, never having played combat versus other players... Ever.


I should have left once I completed the Criminal Mastermind challenge on PS3... Before I learned too much about this game through over-playing it...


Basically... Just walk away a hell of a lot earlier... And what I know now...


Run like hell.

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1. You can dupe Adders by having a hooker sitting in the passenger seat, you know?


2. You can get a lot of RP with a really simple trick by bringing a SP character into Online


3. People can pay a lot for money accounts


4. Don't even bother with this game after 2015, I hope you have several accounts ready to go


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"If you want my advice, give this sh*t up. You work hard, screw everybody that you love. Hurt, rob, kill indiscriminately and maybe, just maybe if you're lucky, you become a three-bit gangster. It's bullsh*t. Go to college. Then you can rip people off and get paid for it. It's called 'capitalism' "

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Dont bother with that stupid ruiner 2000 or rocket voltic, a few months later they will be rendered obsolete by a flying rocket bike...

I wouldn't have believed myself either

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"In the beginning of August 2017, Rockstar will steal money claiming it being illegitimate and then plug thei rears like a bunch of babies. Spend it all on X80 Proto"

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No matter how much money you have, don't spend it all on useless Pegasus items, as future DLCs will cost more than the entire contents of the Union Depository.

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1. Stay out of freeroam fights, they're pointless and a waste of time and money. Be in passive mode regardless of what people say about it.


2. Buy 1 car that you really like and need (the vacca). Don't buy anything else like the tank,it will become weak and useless in a few years


3. There will be modders in freeroam giving out money in the holiday season. So once you get it, don't spend it on other stuff because in the next 2-3 years, you'll be able to upgrade your current weapons.


4. There will be new weaponized vehicles in the future. One of them will be the knightrider car, the same vehicle that Dave hasslehoff has. Don't buy it, you won't be able to sell it back. The car is too flippy. Also, you can't use it in missions which sucks.


5. There will be Mario Kart style races and stunt cars in the future. Again save up money.

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"DO NOT BUY ANY supercars/expsensive vehicles"


i have like 50m in dumb sht that i dont even use 99% of the time

I sold about 90% of my cars and downgraded my garages.. to two car garages only

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Thats pretty much it for me. Wasted so much money doing this to buy new cars instead of grinding. Ended up buying them all again at some point

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I would tell myself


You are in for a bumpy ride

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