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Filthy Animals is now Recruiting!


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Reintroducing to the entire GTA Forums recruitment board.......

Ranchos' Finest....

The Filthy Animals!!!!




The Filthy Animals Motorcycle Club is about to celebrate their one year anniversary! And to celebrate we are aggressively trying to expand our ranks in the hopes of furthering our Brand of Filth! We boast a wide variety of unique individuals who believe in the concept of a motorcycle club we try to emulate as best as possible. We value the quality of the person over any perceived skills in the video game. Its brotherhood at all cost! And we gotta enjoy you in order for you to be greenlit into coming in!

We follow the familiar format of Hang Around to Prospect, which requires a Member to sponsor to become Prospect. The period isn’t determined, and its entirely up to you how long you last in the Support stages before receiving The Boar. Still not entirely convinced? Well let me see if I can clear up any misconceptions!


First, we are traditionally a “Shoot First” club. We have seemed to have gotten away from that concept but we are rapidly looking to get back to our roots. Tired of having to watch people get into a fire fight? Freight not, as long as you are smart about it we have your back!


Secondly, we follow a traditional aspect of 1% Rules that seem to have been forgotten. We try to avoid any RPG, Explosives, or any in general fxckery that people within the community tend to get antsy about and like to upload to Instagram. With that, although we do try and maintain that rules of engagement, our motto is “Cause, Fxck Your Feelings” and we try to have fun first and foremost! Also, we aren’t binded to a 1% Diamond due to our feeling that the meaning has gotten missed and we try to be something entirely, forge our own rules, Outlaw style!


We are a 18+ Club, but will make exceptions to anybody that appears to be mature and have their stuff in order. Our club typically has older members, with young guys sprinkled in so there is a mixture of not taking it as serious as other clubs and people who do. But at the end of the day we are grown men trying to play a video game so we try not to lose foresight.


We ask that you have a Mic so we can hear that pretty little voice of yours and have a messaging app. We use a couple forms of messaging apps, initially we ask you hit us up with Kik, as that seems to have been a stable when we started this club. We also have Discord and currently conduct all our business with Band. If you have Kik we ask you reach out to the President Loki, at XB1Loki580, and he will get you squared away.


We are on Xbox One with an open mind set for rapid expansion to PS4 or even PC. But as of right now, we are Xbox One only.


Still interested? Please head over to http://www.filthyanimalsmc.com and fill out an application. Somebody will get a hold of you and give you a further rundown on what to expect! Hope to hear from you soon!


PS We had a post that appears to have gotten deleted, we don't know why but I hope this one stays up.

Edited by FilthyAnimalsMc
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