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ChaosTreasureHunters Recruiting PS4 Players!

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Chaos Treasure Hunters Are Now Recruiting!


Hey there guys, today my crew the ChaosTreasureHunters are looking for all ps4 members looking to have some fun and enjoy making money on PS4.


As the leader, I can promise you there are many ways in which we can help you make the most out of your GTA experience.


Things the crew and I are very active on are Double Money Jobs, Racing, Last Team Standings, Free Roam Challenges, Businesses, and HEISTS!!!


We also do the Criminal Mastermind Challenge for any new member that joins our crew. We have experienced members that know how to do the challenge and get you the 12 million it gives. We also offer advice for those who need help progressing in the game and buying cars, clothing, weapons, and great investments in GTA online.


We only have one rule and that is we prefer mature players that want to make money and have fun we do not kill for no reason and do not attack other crew members. We help each other out with missions, restocking and selling businesses, and doing heists together.


If this all sounds great to you and you want to join now, just request an invite on our social club site here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/chaostreasurehunters


Thanks for reading and hope to see you in here soon

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still looking for more members

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Happy to join you if we're on the same timezones. Are your crew from Europe? If yes I'll send you over a request.


My main interest is racing (607-526 record) but really want to nail the heists etc and pick up the rest of the game.

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