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Custom Icons for Weapons

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Is there any way to install an assortment of custom weapon icons for weapon texture replacers?


Apparently the icons are all grouped as one single .jpg, and custom icons cannot be added on a modular basis. There are some very nice texture replacers available. If I replaced the sh*tty Vintage Pistol with an M1911A1 replacer, and the weird 'hybrid' SMG with an MP5A5, the weapon wheel icons will still remain as that of the old guns. Is there any way to install new icons on an individual basis, or are they fixed in place because they are not textures, but rather a .jpg?


For instance, take this icon pack: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/sheep-s-weapon-icon-pack


The icons are all focused around one file ('weapons_all'), which is a .jpg (as mentioned), and as a result, only one of the icons from the pack can be used at a single time. Is there any workaround for this?



It would really suck if there was nothing to be done about this.


Could someone make me a loadout of these icons (the ones I am / will be using in my game)? A few of the custom weapons I am interested in (P38, Makarov PM, TT33) do not have custom icons available anywhere I looked. Can anyone with knowledge of the subject also make custom icons for them in addition to a custom icon loadout for me? That would be REALLY nice.

Edited by Sturmgewehr_44

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