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Is GTA V likely to get a good battle royale mod?

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first of all, I am not currently a GTA player, and I do not (yet) own GTA V. I have played San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA V a little bit, and although it wasn't my kind of game story-wise, I've always admired the engine and gameplay of the GTA games, and the engine progression, the visuals, the physics etc.


Lately I've become very involved with Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, whose pros and cons are quite the opposite of GTA for me; I love the idea and the premise of the game, but not so much the engine and its gameplay. So immediately I have started wondering if a good battle royale mod could land in GTA, which would hit the sweet spot for me personally.


I've seen the existence of Motor Wars, which as i understand is as close as it gets for now. But how Motor wars plays out seems to have a LOT of emphasis on vehicles, which seems to result in a hugely different gameplay than a "classic" shooter game.


So i had a question for those of you who follow and play GTA and its various mods, if you think there is a chance we will see something that puts more emphasis on regular gunplay, and less on "motorised vehicles", in a battle royale genre, for GTA?

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No, because of poor drawing distance, bad balance and servers. Also at the most places out of the city, map is flat. There's not much places to hide.
And 30 players for battle royale is not enough.

Edited by Sanches

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