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Transferring character


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Ok so I was making progress on ps3 , got to rank 13 and my ps3 started to really spazz out and start losing network connection, so i figured it is about time to transfer to ps4 to play online - now, i had to spend £60 to buy the game for ps4. i was looking forward to getting home all day to finally finish the 5 hours of downloading to ps4 to star the game, turns out after playing the prologue again and waiting through all those cutscenes to start online, i can't transfer my character?


apparently this finished in march? why the f*ck would rockstar do this? i'm stuck now £60 and really fed up, is there nothing i can do. i mean i'm only on level 13 so it won't take to long to get back i guess but thats not the point. what a sh*te, antiquated company rockstar are to stop offering the most basic of services? surely as we are logged in to our same psn anyway it should link up by default. f*cking raging here tbh, i probably look like an idiot but i actually only started to get into the online side of the game after all these years, had the game since release.



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The reason they disbaled transfers was mainly to prevent people transferring modded accounts. They did give at least four months notice though.


You could try contacting Rockstar regarding transfers, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

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ok so,people used to use mods,cheats,exploits call whatever you want,to get money and rp on PS3/XBOX360,after that they would transfer to next gen and play without consequences,so Rockstar ended the possibility to transfer to next gen in order to end that.


Sorry pal,but you are late for the party,consider buying some shark cards,giving up your social life to get virtual money,or playing something else,because there is not much you can do.

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Have a ps3 character with millions of dollars and want to transfer.


Missed transfer deadline.


Now you have to start all over, or you can just buy shark cards.

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what a sh*te, antiquated company rockstar are to stop offering the most basic of services?


You should've received an email about it warning you at least once...

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Lol level 13. You have nothing. Also, you don't have to go through the pain of watching your character turn into Shrek as it attempts to adjust from being a product of last gen character creation to that of the new.


Finally, why the f*ck did you pay £60 for it? It was only £40 when I bought it in CEX in 2015! You can pick it up new in supermarkets for ~£25 these days. f*cking numpty.

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