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Recommended Posts


Los Santos Realistic Roleplay : REBORN
"Maturity and fun. No bullsh*t"
Current Status: UP

LSRRP: REBORN is a fun, tight-knit community of people who love to roleplay. We offer a very realistic roleplay, as well as a lot of fun for people who enjoy roleplay on PS4. We have a very in-depth banking system coded by one of our oldest members, a black market for our shadier members, and a lot more!

Our sessions are as often as possible! If you have any questions about when we start, you may ask a staff member or another member, just make sure to send them a direct message!
Towing: As a tow truck driver you must have your own tow truck (purchasable online) Your duties as a tow truck driver would be to do repossessions and help police impound vehicles that are warranted to be impounded.

Ubering: As an uber you drive other civilians around and make sure that their experience is pleasurable. Your starting wage for this job is the charge your set fee for the distance you had to drive them.

Security: As a security guard, your job is to protect your clients who hire you, and make sure that they are not harmed by any threats.t.

Police: Their duty is to protect and server San Andreas! Good luck trying to join them! They're very picky with their recruits!

Civilian: Your average person inside our community.

And that's just a few of our several jobs! Not to mention the factions!
  • Mafia: Shady, organized, and dangerous. The worst kind of criminal. They have access to the arms running, drug dealing, and forging businesses
  • Blackwolf Security: Friends with anyone with structure and money. They tend to buy from the mafia and work with the police, as long as it benefits them in some way. Lower ranked members normally work security for civilians.
  • Anarchists: Unstructured hoodlums who just like to cause trouble. The police's worst nightmare.
  • Lucky 13 Motorcycle Club: They say they're just a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, but everyone knows they are the top dogs in arms dealing and drug dealing.
Why join LSRRP:Reborn?

  • Staff and members are friendly, fun and mature
  • Our rules make it so everyone can have fun
  • Admins have random, unscripted scenarios to keep you on your toes
  • Tons of jobs to choose from
  • A very simple RP schedule that tries to fit as many people as possible
  • A black market, for all your shady needs
  • New stuff added and removed based on what the majority of what our members want

Does any of this interest you? Fill out the form at the website (in the link at the bottom) or send your application to [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP! When completed, please post that you've submitted your form in the comments below, thank you!

Don't want to give out your e-mail? We completely understand! Here is a copy of the application that you can post in the comments!

Character Name:

Character Backstory:

Character Age DOB (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY):

Character's Occupation:

1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism):

Personal Info:
Do you have a mic?:
Discord (Name#1234):
Time Zone:
Availability= Days -(AM PM):

If you have any questions, feel free to DM us on Discord or by email!
[email protected]
  • Raven Oversight#1514
  • Shiva365#0404
  • xombiekate#8819
  • Benny#1905
Edited by Shiva365

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


Please can you add your Social Club Crew link, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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