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[TxT] OG Loc Mission Bug [STEAM]


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Hello! Currently, there's a strange bug within the "OG Loc" mission. After the cutscene in which CJ rings the doorbell, CJ and OG get on the bike. However, when OG Loc gets on the bike, the game says that I have left OG Loc behind. It keeps saying this during the entire mission despite OG Loc still being on the bike with Carl.


Another thing, Freddy never taunts you during the mission, which is odd. Perhaps the text for ditching Loc is being replaced with Freddy's dialog.


Not only that, but if you happen to fall off the bike ONCE, OG Loc doesn't get back on the bike. This results in the mission failing because you're either trying to get OG back on the bike, allowing Freddy to escape, or trying to kill Freddy, but OG Loc is left behind.


Here's more info about the versions and such:









I've played the XBOX 360 version and the mission was perfectly fine. Though, I have yet to test the unmodded vanilla Steam version.


Earlier, I was messing around with the american.gxt file and making every line of dialogue Big Smoke's order (yes, really). I went to make a backup of the file but accidentally made the backup for the Steam version instead of the downgraded version. I'm guessing when I went to go and restore the backup file, the Steam version was actually different than the downgraded one, and caused different lines of dialogue to happen in places they normally shouldn't.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This problem is almost certainly caused by your mods. Uninstall them and try again, or post in the GTA Modding subforum.

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Try going to the top of the hill. And shoot Freddy when he stops at the bottom.

The Sniper-Rifle is on the stairway of the STUDIO 25 car park.

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