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GTAForums Weekly Issue 30


Recommended Posts




Week of October 1st - October 7th






Welcome to the thirtieth issue of the GTAForums Weekly newsletter! Thanks to all of those that have supported us this far. The team is proud to have fully produced thirty issues so far, and we hope to keep the streak going. We've got a great issue lined up for everyone, so let's get on with it!



First off, you may notice a slight change down below, we've swapped Topics of the Week to be below GTAForums News directly, as both segments compliment each other well.

A few days ago, the Red Dead Redemption 2 sub-forum was moved back to it's original place within the Rockstar Games section, but that doesn't mean the hype is over! The community is still involved in some heavy discussion and speculation. Read Spider-Vice's Rockstar Central for more details. On the subject of Rockstar related news, Spider also posted a topic in the News sub-forum providing information about future GTA Online DLC. You can check that topic out here, or just read more about it down below.

The final round of voting has begun for Season 3 of the GTAForums Snap Battle. This time, it's up to the staff members to cast their votes. The staff voting system is still the same as past seasons, with admin votes weighing in at 10 points, moderators with 5, and your led-by / forum leaders with 2. All staff members are encouraged to vote before the final October 13th deadline. The leaders as of now for each platform are as follows; @the_potato with 15 votes on PC, @PoisonedGas with 17 votes in the XB1 / PS4 category, and with 8 votes within the 360 / PS3 category. Keep in mind that this can all change depending on how each staff members votes.. so be sure to stick around for the final results later in the week!

Of course, speaking of snaps, @V4S has also been releasing fresh issues of Customs, Cruisers, and Classics throughout her time hosting the GTAF Snap Battle. Issue 24 includes part 4 of the Goon Squad showcase, and this week there's an interview with @LokDog. You can check the issue out right here.

GTAForums currently has a total of 15,084,955 posts (+9,754 from last week) and 716,636 total members (+392 from last week) at the time this is being posted.







































Welcome to the thirtieth week of Rockstar Central! I’m your host, @Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.



Before we start this issue, I just want to say that I’m very honored to have been here for a whole 30 weeks, and also to celebrate GTAF Weekly’s 30th issue. Can’t believe it’s almost been a year, it’s just 20 more weeks to go for it to celebrate a full year! Time goes by quickly!



Red Dead Redemption II

The storm after the trailer has begun. With a lot of footage to analyze, screenshots at look at and point defects (and qualities), people have started to create their brand-new theories about what the game will entail with Dutch’s gang, how Arthur Morgan (our new protagonist) will be, and many, many more things. One of the biggest breakthroughs we’ve had this week, was the fact that the guys over at the RDR2 Mapping Thread are making some AMAZING connections between the leaked map and imagery from the trailer, and also by comparing images from the first trailer to the screenshots and the second trailer to create their own map, just like the GTA V days! Speaking of which, we’ve also had a couple veterans from back then come back with their impressive eye for detail... Check it out!

Over at the general RDR2 section, you can also discuss a multitude of topics, about the protagonist, the story, Red Dead Online, the graphics, and a lot more. There is so much going on that I’m just going to encourage you to pay a visit to the forums and check that out and participate if you so wish!

GTA Online

Plenty of news this week for GTA Online! From another weekly bonus and a new car, to a content teaser for this Autumn and the rest of this year. First off, let’s talk about the brand-new airplane for this week available now in GTA Online. The Mammoth Mogul is a beast of a World War II airplane, sporting an upper turret where a passenger fits, so you can defend yourself and your partner(s) from all the enemies of the GTA Online world. Meanwhile I’ll just be quoting Rockstar’s short story on this plane...

“You’re cruising low at 500 fit with a bogey on your six. Your turret man wheels around the cannon and cuts a ribbon of .50 cal holes right across their flank. As they fall out of the sky, you swoop low enough to light a Redwood off the burning wreckage, and make for the sunset.”



Rockstar Games, 2017.



The new airplane features the aforementioned machine gun, a twin propeller, and upgradeable features such as jet-assisted takeoff and a bay for Explosives, Incendiary bombs, Gas bombs and Cluster bombs. Now available at Warstock.

Stockpile! That’s the name of the brand-new adversary mode, offering a jet-fuelled take on your common Capture the Flag mode! You’ll be taking to the skies in machinegun and missile-equipped planes to grab as much loot as you can, and bring it back to base. A pure dogfight in the air, deliver the most loot to win. It’s got a Double GTA$ and RP bonus applied through the 9th of October.

Additionally, Ron’s Contact Missions are also sporting a Double GTA$ and RP bonus, so get to that grinding before it ends also on the 9th!

Obviously, there’s no week without some discounts. This week, you can take advantage of 25% off on:

- Hangar Workshop

- Engine Upgrades for all vehicles

- Armour Upgrades for all vehicles

- Aircraft Handling upgrades

- Aircraft Weapon upgrades

- Flight and Air Racing suits

- Mobile Operation Centre Cabs

- The APC for both trade and Buy Now prices

- The Progen T20 supercar

The Premium and Trial Races for this week are (also through the 9th):

- Premium Race – “Around the Docks”, locked to bikes

- Time Trial – “Power Station”

Last Friday, Rockstar has announced the line-up for GTA Online’s brand new content for this Autumn and the rest of 2017! This month, you can finally expect the awaited "Transform Races", the next evolution of stunt racing in GTA Online. Switch vehicles or types of vehicles on-the-fly by hitting certain special checkpoints, all in one race! Definitely not borrowed from Multi Theft Auto San Andreas. Race creators should also be looking forward to being able to create their own races with this feature “later this year”. Despite the feature already being ready as there was an exploit found by Broughy to create these races already...

Two new Adversary Modes should also be expected this Autumn, with "Condemned", a “free-for-all with one player on the clock as a dead man walking”, the only chance for survival being “passing this death sentence on to an opponent”, and "Dogfight", where you can “live out your fighter pilot fantasies and send the opposition spiralling to their doom”.

The so demanded Hunter is also officially coming to GTA Online later this year, where players will finally be able to buy it instead of having to spawn it in Story Mode or using it only during missions! The brand-new Coil Cyclone and the Vigilante will also be available, with the latter being an amazing recreation of the Batmobile in the GTA world.

Rockstar also tells us to look out for more to come to GTA Online later this year, including new Weaponised Vehicles, updates for Legendary Motorsport, new properties, and more!




Welcome to the fifth edition of Get Modified! I’m your host, @Ash_735. Summer is over (this edition is one issue late) and it’s now time to indulge in summer clothing sales, prepare for Halloween, and brace ourselves for the fast approaching holiday season. Let’s grab a beer and tackle what’s been happening in the modding scene over the past couple of weeks.



To kick things off, our main mention is that OpenIV has officially been updated to version 2.9.1, which brings forth a couple of comfort changes and small new features. Now that the team are back in full swing, here’s hoping support is eventually added for the PlayStation 4 version of the game which has been making the rounds lately in *cough* certain places. You can check out their latest video below, which showcases the major changes and improvements in the latest update:




In 3D era tool news, @The Hero has released an update to his Renderware file converter - a command line based tool which can be used to switch model DFF and texture TXD formats between PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. It also includes basic support for “Stories” formats such as MDL and CHK. A must-have tool for old school console modders out there, since this will make converting to and from console formats a breeze.

Over in V map mods we have a god damn treehouse!




Seriously, it’s a fully functioning treehouse high above the forest. Dubbed the Hunter’s Treehouse by "Whats a Username?", we have this nicely designed high vantage point above the forests of Southern San Andreas, where you can just climb up, kick back, relax and pop off a few shots at the cultists below or any animals passing by. Certainly, it’s one to try out for those of you looking for that something extra to add to the forest area.

Moving on to clothing, (you thought I was joking earlier?) since it’s always sunny in Los Santos, we have a detailed range of clothing provided by Mustafa.S, who has various clothing packs available from his profile. A few picks we’d recommend are the Off White Brand Pack for Franklin, as well as the Luxury Clothing Pack for Michael. Just to remember the good old days of 2012/2013, we have the Odd Future Clothing Pack, so now you can feel at home when
is playing in-game.




Vehicle wise, are you looking to add that extra shine to the default rims? Maybe some fresh looking tires with no branding? Well modder Psycatron might just have what you’re seeking! Rims, tires, rotors and calipers is a small mod which will effect most vehicles in the game to include better chrome, polished gloss, specmap changes and color changes for the tires and other wheel parts.




That concludes this edition of Get Modified! We’d love to hear back if any of you out there are giving these mods a try, and if so, drop a comment and let the mod makers know what you think! Maybe next time we’ll cover some fantasy and spooky modifications out there... just in time for Halloween.





































































We thought that the time has come to start putting some of our fellow team members in the spotlight.. so we started out with our own !



Expect more team interviews soon.



Arrow: You've been a member of the community for over five years and counting, but what brought you to GTAF initially?

Android: Almost six years, actually. Back on October 23rd of 2011, I initially joined on my original account so I could join in on the hype train for the imminent GTA V announcement. Just two days after I joined, R* announced to the world that GTA V existed. The interaction with the community in general is what made me stick around, there were many, many good times, but also many bad times.

Would you say that the community has changed for the better or worse?

I think in a sense, the community has improved tremendously since I joined. I have to give props to everyone on the staff team because they're the ones keeping everything in order, especially while the community continues to grow. GTA O brought a lot of attention to the forum and it's become a hub for discussion and speculation. A lot of people talk badly about some regulars in that section, but I never understood it.. there are many interesting members there and I'm glad they stick around to keep the forum going strong.

Could you tell us more about username choice?

Over my time here on this account, I've had four main usernames; Antagonista, Android, Alchemist, and Nick - obviously the last one is just my name. As for the others, Antagonista was suggested to me by an old forum acquaintance when I couldn't think of anything better. Then, Android stemmed from my interest in the Android OS, I quickly became addicted to learning more about tricks and mods I could make to my old devices. I was and still am an enthusiast. Alchemist came after I got bored of having Android so long, and I wanted a change to just make things a bit more fresh. After a while I swapped back because it felt right.

Maybe I'll change it again, just so I can compete with @Algonquin Assassin for the Most Username Changes medal ;)

GTAForums Weekly is now currently 29 issues strong. What motivated you to re-launch it?

I just thought back to the time when Ducard (formerly AceKingston) had relaunched it, and how fun it was to read though every issue. I loved them. For a period of time, I was even on his team, writing about gaming news. The issues included a plethora of info for the entire community to enjoy, and it was unique experience. What pushed me to relaunch it again was just the fact that I loved contributing to the community and helping out with different things. The community hadn't had something like that for quite some time, so I reached out to some other members and made arrangements.. and now here we are today.

I didn't really expect us to get this far, and maybe we could use a break, honestly, but I hope we're able to make it to 52 issues consecutively. It's all one big team effort. This newsletter just would not be possible without the rest of the team members. Everybody you see listed in the credits at the bottom of every issue plays an important role every single week. I'd like to thank them for sticking by and contributing as much as they can.

The Facade Corporation has been a Certified Crew for almost two years now. Could you tell us in brief about the crew and how it started?

Facade started up as quickly as it did because it was more of a re-brand of an old group with a bunch of old friends at the helm. Original members have come and gone but Facade has always been a social club where our members just chat about everyday life, as well as music, vehicles, photography, and so on. I think the certified crews and groups idea is great, although The Safehouse could be utilized more efficiently. It's an honor for our group to be recognized in a way and I'm glad we've come this far.

What are your plans with Facade Corporation in the near future?

Nothing really concrete right now. We hope to continue expanding further and sticking to our original objective.

What would you like to change the most regarding GTAF?

I'm not too sure. Change is good, but only if it makes sense. Right now I can't think of anything I'd really like to change. If anything, I'd change some of the visuals maybe, and include more themes.. but we all know the next forum update is coming soon and should allow us to have new themes.

Picture this; you've suddenly become an admin here on the forum. What do you do first?

I'd head to the report log first and clean things up. It'd be cool to be able to help the community's finest clean up the mean streets of GTAF. I guess that's probably a really boring response considering I've read better, but I like to play it safe.

Which forum member do you feel closest to?

While we certainly don't have the same taste in rap, @xxxtentacion would be the first person I think of, although he isn't around much anymore.. We met when we both joined $$H and became very good friends. @papa boyy would be the second person I think of. I met him after I joined Zaibatsu. I can't forget about my close friends in Facade or Zaibatsu, either. I've connected with a lot of cool people just on this forum alone and I think that's awesome.

What's your favorite Rockstar Games series or title?

I think I'll have to go with GTA San Andreas. It's not easy to make that choice when there are just so many great Rockstar titles to choose from, but it's one that I've enjoyed since I first played it. San Andreas was my first PS2 game and even today I play it sometimes on PC. Many nights I would stay up late just roaming around the map and playing some of the mini-games. It really introduced me to the vast world of open-world video games.

Tell us more about the person behind your alias. Any favorite interests, hobbies, music, and so on?

I'm actually not really an interesting or exciting person. I'm really just typical. I love listening to music, chatting with friends, watching YouTube videos, and practicing photography. Photography plays a large role with my main interest of vehicles, and over the past few months I've put in a lot of work in order to improve my shots and editing process. My interest in vehicles has also inspired me to pursue a career as a mechanic and I hope to one day accomplish that dream.

I guess if anyone is interested, some of my favorite music artists are The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake. Queen holds a special place in my heart as it was one of my first favorite bands. I'm also not much of a show or movie type of person so I spend a lot of time enjoying music.

Any final comments? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?

I'd like to just thank anyone for reading our publication so far, and I hope you enjoyed my interview, even thought I didn't think it was that great :p It's weird to be interviewed for a program you contribute to, but it certainly was fun.




The Weeknd - Kiss Land






The title track from Tesfaye’s 2013 debut album is a 7-minute long two-parter that remains as one of the main standouts in the tracklist. The track, as well as the album, narrates his life on tour while also exploring his intimate thoughts and experiences that happen throughout it, all with a dark tone to add more to the song’s overall feeling. The track heavily samples “La Ritournelle” by French artist Sébastien Tellier.



Album: Kiss Land



Genre: R&B/Alternative R&B



Release Date: September 10, 2013



Label(s): XO/Republic



Writer(s): Sébastien Tellier, Abel Tesfaye, Jack Holkeboer, Danny Schofield, Jason Quenneville






- Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week



- GTAForums News



@Ash_735 - Get Modified



@slohbur - Graphics Assistant



@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central



@Testarossa - Track of the Week



@unbid - Interviewer



Edited by Android


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This was probably one of the most fun interviews around. I really enjoyed interviewing the editor. :D


Pretty sure that others will get to you know better with this, .


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Nothing's gonna' change my love for you.

Edited by papa boyy
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Thanks for including one of my snaps and my failed thread. :p

Between this and CCC, I always skim the whole post and go straight for the interview. It's by far my favorite bit of the News section of the forum. Learning about the team behind the hard work is definitely something I'm interested in. Would be cool to see you guys rate each other like high school year books like "Most likely to...". That kind of stuff.

Awesome issue as always. Amazing work!

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That Rexx guy (whoever is) takes good pics! :p:whistle:


Excellent issue! Congrats on hitting 30 and was an entertaining interview indeed! :D

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Man, people take some really great snaps!


Always a pleasure to read another great Weekly Issue for the 30th week in a row. ;)

Edited by TheOriginalGunslinger
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