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I didn't play GTA for about a month, it worked fine then but I recently (about two weeks ago) tried playing online again and an error came up saying the files required to play GTA online can't be downloaded from the rockstar services. This was right after I installed the smugglers run update. When it's loading into story mode it still says "press R1 to join stunt series" and it doesn't show pictures and stuff for the new update, or any update. I've tried literally every little thing I could to try and fix this error message, yet it keeps happening. I've deleted the game, re installed and did the updates again, still nothing. Reset router multiple times and my NAT type is 2. And when I took my PS4 and GTA to my sisters it works perfect online. Our WiFi back home is working perfectly yet it's just GTA that still won't work. What else should I do?

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3 answers to this question

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I have the same sh*t ..just started about 2 weeks ago and still the same..tried everything nothing works..all of my other games works fine its just GTA..ive alrdy given up..

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Rockstar Games is already working on a solution.



Edited by Gaffa™

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This should fix your problem:


Change your DNS to:


Primairy DNS:


Secundary DNS:


This should work on both PS4 and PC


Thanks to Gtamen and R* support.


Edit: Here is a vid which explains it in detail:



Edited by PretendWereDead

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