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[SUGGESTIONS]Some ideas...

Recommended Posts


Before anything, this is NOT a nag nor complain post, it is not meant to break the game nor the makers down.

I enjoy the game, save for a few things, of which below:


01) Company (Maze Bank West): No matter what interior one picks, there is always clutter like money laying around, boxes around, open weapon case,... Please give us a few interiors that are free of clutter. Being autistic, this clutter truly annoys me...

02) Vehicle Warehouse (La Puerta): the office is build up from garbage junk: broken desk chair, crappy desk, pre-historic computer, crappy everything, really. Please give us option to buy a different yet nice looking, no clutter, professional office?

03) Vehicle Warehouse: please let us remove the Collection Cars from the Export Cars: I sold one by accident that was part of a collection.

04) Los Santos Customs: For some reason, I can only sell one car a day. I was to empty my warehouse, remove no longer used cars, but this takes forever this way. Please make it five, or three cars a day?

05) Self Radio Channel: I have about fifty GB of music, but the SRC seems to only play a small selection of my 4956 songs. Please make the Random actually more random, improving Shuffle by lets say 5000%?

06) Radio Channel Lock: a way to lock a radio station (or self radio), so that upon entering a random vehicle, this channel automatically is played.

07) Radio Volume Button: also logical and self explaining.

08) Bunker: If I park a car there, upon relogging this car vanishes, to spawn in the original garage again. Can it be made in such a way, the car will actually stay there if parked there?

09) Garages and Ruiner2K: Odd, where an APC can be stored in the garages, a Ruiner2k cannot? I fail to grasp the reason, and would like to suggest to make the Ruiner2K garage friendly...

10) Ruiner2K and weapons: One can easily change weapon type in the Ruiner2K (and likely other weaponized vehicles, I can imagine), but deactivating (or Unarmed) cannot be chosen. Although, it would improve realism, if these weapons could be deactivated if so the driver chooses...

11) Vehicles and License Plates: Please give us the option for personalized plates?

12) Player Peds: Gives us more clothing options (like music-based clothing and the likes) to create an even more unique character. Example for Black Metal clothing: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/black-metal-for-trevorand https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/black-metal-t-shirt-pack-for-franklin-part-2-6-shirts (I prefer BM, but it is not meant to be BM alone, I think of the house and other electronic music, Goth, New Wave, ...)


13) Other type clothing, like Military, police, and other emergency types.

14) Player Peds: Give us more jewelry options (like Spec-Ops watches, of neclaces, earrings (one side), ...


15) Option to join police or Military, to oppose the criminals. Or to go 'bad cop'.

16) Hangar: Ron Whateverhislastnamesky... I hate the bastard, I cannot stand him, how he does, talks, thinks... please give us the option to lynch him. Slowly. Very slowly.

17) Cellular Phone: the option to block either ALL calls, or specific calls (Agent14, Ron, Lester, ...), having them call you every log in or change of session truly is extremely annoying.

18) Weapons: I seem to be missing a few weapons online: the MK2 versions, Rail (or Coil) rifle? Please add these.

19) Marksman Rifle: It would be nice if the advanced scope would be available for this weapon... and somewhat logical.


20) Solo Missions: for moments when you just do not bother to be with people, for moments you truly cannot be interested in multi-player missions. Or just for the hell of it...


21) The option to kill Ron Veryannoyingsky: Man does he drive me nuts.


22) I love the APC's ability to be both on land, as in the water. I think more of similar vehicles (maybe a "tank-sub", a full SMX-Ocean sub on tracks for hopping the streets? rofl) would be sweet. The Ocelot Ardent, made as the James Bond Lotus Esprit (The Spy Who Loved Me), so he can dive and fare like in the movie?


Do comment, tell me if you like these ideas, or absolutely not (but DO tell me why please, it helps me understand) which is respected by me. I ask you, to not be rude or insulting. Thank you very much.


PS: To the makers of GTA5: Please let me kill Ron fokkowsky... :(

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I have never played online, but #5 and #6 are needed. I put 10 or 12 songs in the folder and had it scanned, but every time I tuned into Self Radio, the SAME 3 or 4 songs would be playing.


As for #6, I understand that realism is supposed to be the reason that radios are tuned to various stations in cars, but the way it works is not really that realistic.


Number one, EVERYONE listens to the radio while driving. Not realistic.


Number two, EVERY empty car that you hotwire has a radio blaring. Even if the person listens to the radio, most people turn their radio down or off before turning off their vehicle. Because, you know, they don't want their eardrums assaulted upon start-up.


#7 is also a good idea, but it clearly was not originally implemented as console controllers were already clean out of buttons. It would be nice if that sort of thing could be modded in using script functionality, perhaps.

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@DrySpace Why thank you for responding.

Most kind, and true, I had a bit of the same idea, however, I did not put it in here since well... it did not bother me too much, tbh.

But good point!


As for Console Players... Also true, solution here? Key Combo's! Or not? I only know the Master Console: PC, so... :S


Thank you for responding.

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23) Weapon stores: a button "buy all ammo"?


24) Heh, nearly forgot: a special server where idiot modders can do their thing. FFS. Tired of those morons spoiling my game. :(

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Should this post be in GTA: Online?


It seems to me that you are mainly referring to online play.

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I am, yes, mainly that is.
But many of the issues are in both versions...


If I posted this in the wrong section, I apologize.
Could an Admin or Moderator please drop it in the right section, if this is the case, and send me a link in PM?
Thank you kindly.

Edited by =Sammy=

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25) Joystick Control: Quite amazing that this never was implemented.

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- Option (on the Options Menu) to aim in 1St person when you "aim down the sights", so you can move in 3Rd person but if you're aiming down the sights you're permanently on 1St person and really aiming down the sights of the weapons.


- Allow to sell our unused weapons on Ammunation or to leave 'em at home in a locker or something for don't have to navigate through a sea of weapons to choose the ones we really gonna use; and if we choose to 'Store X weapon' on the locker we wont pick 'em up again from dead enemys, we'll only pick it's ammo instead if we have room for more ammo for all those weapons that we don't use anymore.


- Allow to use the Wasted Combat Boots (Botas De Combate Desgastadas) on more outfits or with more pants so we can make more punk or skin look alike outfits, like on the Photoshoped image below:


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