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I want your opinions on video games. For science!


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Hey all,


I've made a survey that tells you what type of gamer personality you are. Are you an Immersion Engineer, or an Escape Artist? Do you battle with real people or seclude to the shadows in a world of your own making?


The reason why I made it is to gather research on people's gaming behaviours. This study for my masters thesis at The University of Sydney. Now as a gamer myself (WoW Heroic Tomb of Sargaras Raider), I feel like I have a good grasp of the gaming community, but as with all things, you need to do the research to confirm/disconfirm these assumptions.


The survey itself is looking to explore information about:

• Different aspects of your personality

• What video games you play

• How much you play by yourself and with other people

• The impacts of your video game use on your daily life


You can find a link to the survey and more information here (you might need to disable adblocker):



So let me know what you think. Do you think I guessed right? What did I miss?


One more thing. A survey like this is limited, and doesn't give people a voice to add what they want to say. I really encourage open opinions about the video game community and maybe how the news and public have a negative view of video games. Whenever I present, I add the personal messages people have sent me to encourage other researchers to remember that we are people too, not just numbers. Tell me what you think and let me know if I can share your comments in my presentations.


Thank you,


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Cosmic Gypsy

Filled out your survey, it says I'm a Clan Lord and a Masterful Traveller, although i don't agree that i get bored when returning to the same old game as I'm still playing The Warriors more than any other game (a PS2 game). However i do play a wide range of games (From The Warriors, Battlefield, Flower, Cities: Skylines, Assassins Creed, Next Car Game: Wreckfest, Pokemon Fire Red and GTA), and it is true i rarely see a game to 100% completion. My game playing has decreased significantly over the last few years due to sh*tty AI on almost every game and friends not coming round as often to play games/not having as much free time, so as the survey says, the social aspect is quite important to me also.

Edited by Cosmic Gypsy
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I'd say my results of Reclusive Tactician and Immersion Engineer are pretty spot on in all fairness. Single-player games are usually what I go for, and don't really play that much online apart from some Battlefield now and then. The last sentence for the Immersion one is bang on for me, saying that I tend to swap games quite often, which I do - I spend about 3/4 hours on a game before feeling the urgent need to swap to a different title.

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I got Immersion Engineer and Clan Lord. The only thing is the survey focuses on games that you've been playing the last two weeks. I'm no researcher so I don't have the first clue. However a lot of the survey hinges on my gaming habits of the last two weeks. The game I've been mostly playing is FIFA 2018 which is a game I love but will buy once every two years and it just released. It's the only sports game I would play and game I'm most comfortable playing online. I'm not a huge online guy. But I have been participating in an online tournament organized by a local forum. But two weeks ago and beyond most of my hours go in to Skyrim/Fallout. I hope it's all still relevant info. If it's not for my bi-annual purchase of FIFA, I'm sure I would fall in to the Reclusive Tactician category which is where most of my gaming lies, in single player experiences.


On a personal note about gaming habits, I have a problem where I reach to about the 50th hour of a big game like Fallout and then need to put it down for a few months before I can miss it and nostalgia and the urge to try complete it comes back. I buy a lot of games and haven't completed them as much as I could/should. I'm always looking for the new "wow" experience. I'll try most games to see if I can get that surprise. Like when I stepped out of my comfort zone to play Fallout for the first time or when I used to dislike future sci-fi and I gave Mass Effect and Halo a go. I enjoy those things. Games and films have open my mind to enjoy each of those things. A good sci-fi film might inspire me to play a certain game and vice versa.


Anyway, I encourage anyone else to take the survey. It doesn't take long and it's put together well.


Best of luck with your thesis.

Edited by Mister Pink
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Great Britain

Reclusive Tactician & Immersion Engineer here. I think I'll agree to that. :catloaf:

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I got Clan Lord and something with glory. Neither fits me well. I play multiplayer only when it fits the game (Destiny, GTAO) and I don't do competitive MP at all.


Furthermore I generally play games only for escapism and I avoid pretty much any challenge because games don't really interest me as a form of leisure; I just play them because it's easier and I get at least some engagement from them unlike from say, movies.


Then again I have to say that the last 6 months of my life were ultra weird and I've barely played anything, so no survey can really reflect that. But what I wrote above still holds true for most of my gaming. I just think the survey is targeted at people who prefer games to other forms of leisure and not people who just do it to kill time or literally escape from the sh*t world.

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my favorite game: The town of light. that game will stay in my head till the day i die. they said i'm a reclusive tactician (focused on personal reward rather than online social stuff), and i absolutely second that, and i'm a masterful traveller that rarely finishes the games he plays, switches often from one game and another, and isn't focused on achievements. and this is totally true too

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I've finished your survey. The conclusions you/your org could take out of it seem really interesting, if the idea is to release them to public, is there any possibility you can share it with us when possible?


I've got Clan Lord (perhaps from the fact GTA Online was the game I've played the most on the last 2 weeks - but quite accurate though!) as well as Escape Artist (again, while the title seemed a bit odd I can say I identified with the description indeed).

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