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Games freezes during intro


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As soon as the game loads, and you see Marco's Bistro, Liberty City, 1986 in the corner, the game freezes. It doesn't get past that stage. I'm using the original retail disc version, (PC Obviously) 100% clean game, no mods, no nothing. Running Windows 10 Home, updated all my drivers earlier today. Fun fact: I don't even know what drivers are, but Nvidia said there's an update out, so guess what I did.

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As this is an old game, there's a good chance that the game won't run with newer OS versions or GPU drivers. Try running the game in Win98 compatibility mode. You may also have to try an older graphics driver version, but this is a trial and error method.

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But you got to have 60 FPS otherwise what's the point? Personally I don't touch anything unless it's 4K at >90 FPS and the rest of you all settle for trash, which I'll never understand.

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I don't touch anything unless it's 4K at >90 FPS and the rest of you all settle for trash, which I'll never understand.

Sometimes you have to settle for trash for the game to work. Also how do you get it to play in 4K?


Edit: Turning on the frame limiter fixed the problem, so now every time I play I have to turn it on, then once it's loaded, go to settings and turn it off again so I can play at 60 frames. Now another issue has come about, 60 fps is breaking the game - audio is cutting out, cars brake as soon as I let go of the throttle, and reversing take 100 years. I remember there was a way to fix this, as I fixed it on my old laptop, but I forgot what to do. Also some writing on the loading screen is cut out. Any suggestions?

Edited by ClaudeIzABadAzz
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