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What is your favorite sleeper radio station?


What is your favorite sleeper Radio station?  

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  1. 1. Your favorite (sleeper) radio station that you didn't think you were going to listen to but became a favorite?

    • Blue Ark
    • Channel X
    • East Los FM
    • FlyLo FM
    • LS Rock Radio
    • The Lowdown
    • Non-Stop Pop
    • Radio LS
    • Radio Mirror Park
    • Rebel Radio
    • Soulwax FM
    • Space 102.3
    • Vinewood Blvd Radio
    • West Coast Classics
    • World Wide FM
    • The Lab
    • Blane County Radio
    • West Coast Talk

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"We Built This City"? That song is absolutely dreadful! :p


I agree, particulary when this song is playing when you spawn in your MC clubhouse. Exit the clubhouse immediately. Just.Leave.Right.Now. :lol:


Beside, there is that cool one on LSRR





Indeed, but I think I dislike Cat's In the Cradle even more.


Mirror Park and Non-Stop Pop are my most-listened, Blue Ark would be sleeper. I've had music muted for ages though, all the songs I really liked have made it into my irl playlists and after 4 years I'm sick of the rest.


Years ago playing San Andreas with my best friend, one playing and the other watching, we would always turn on K-ROSE to annoy the other. But, as often happens, what began as trolling evolved into a genuine appreciation for old school country music and my one big regret in GTAO is that I never managed to snag the K-ROSE shirt during a crate event :(


GTA SA made me appreciate country and disco a lot more. I used to dislike those genres. It did take a while for me to stop listening to Master Sounds though; my favorite gta radio station of all time.


When the game came out I thought I'd mainly only listen to LS Rock Radio, since I like classic rock quite a bit, especially with previous GTA titles (especially San Andreas), but honestly.. I'm not crazy about a lot of the songs they put in GTA V. There's some great ones (Carry On Wayward Son, Danger Zone, I'm Free, etc.) but there's a lot that I am not a fan of at all (if I hear Circle in the Sand one more time... :sui:).


Ended up being very surprised at how many songs I love on Radio Mirror Park. Not normally my genre, but there's some really great songs there. Shine a Light is by far my favorite, but Forget, Always, and High Pressure Dave are all fantastic as well, and I can listen to them multiple times in a session without getting sick of 'em.


Worldwide FM also has some great ones. When I don't like a song on RMP, I usually will switch to Worldwide. Guts' Brand New Revolution is so catchy!


Also whenever Speedline Miracle Masterpiece is on, I have to switch to that one, it always fits really well with whatever I'm doing at the time, but it's the only song I'll listen to on that station.




...And if anyone else is in the car with me while El Sonidito is playing, they aren't allowed to leave the car until they've been forced to listen to all of that wonderfully catchy and terrible song. :D

El Sonidito compels me to find stunt jumps and mess them up spectacularly. Probably my second favorite song in the game next to California Soul.

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FlyLo FM.


I wanted something that could compete with Electro-Choc and I was kinda disappointed with Soulwax FM. FlyLo was a real gem as I hadn't really explored IDM before. Also the announcers and callers are pretty hilarious xD

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It's not actually a radio station per se, but in the same spirit of things I was most surprised to find enjoy listening to the sound of this this 'sleeper' of a machine more than anything else:




*Schafter V12 engine sound, for those that don't get it...

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I like a lot of different genres, but lately my ears have opened up to West Coast Classics. Always liked the genre as much as any other but kind of looked past it.


I usually prefer Vinewood Boulevard Radio, Radio Mirror Park or The Lab mostly because the last one is rarely on preset when you jump into a car.


Admittedly though, nowadays I often either dont care to even change the station, or turn the radio off because Im tired of all the music on the radio and prefer the ambient soundtrack instead.


The other day though Backstreet Boys came on when I was exacting revenge on someone while in my Buzzard. Never thought thatd make me feel any better about anything but it made me feel dancing on his corpse kind of joyful lol. Mf tryin to rain on my parade

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