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silents extended gang wars + save game editor = crash

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I noticed mostly when I take aztecas territory that I gave them with save game editor my GTA sa will stop working also getting in most gang vehicles cuase a crash , with this combination . Is there anyway way around this buggy crash?

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Interesting hypothesis, but I'm a little doubtful as stated. If a save editor can be shown to cause the glitch then I can probably cause the same glitch using precise manual edits or cleo codes. If you are using the Savegame Editor 3.x then I doubt it has introduced any unexpected errors. It is my understanding that this tool has been used extensively in combination with extended gang wars and the Big Gang mods.


Which editor are you using? SASE's zone tool is a bit odd, but I wouldn't expect it to break anything. And the Savegame Editor's zone tool is very well tested.


But ruling out the editor wouldn't rule out the settings causing problems. And Silent does good work; his mod is unlikely to cause any problems on it's own. Got anything else in the background? I don't think these two alone will replicate the glitch.

Edited by OrionSR

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The ped field is poorly documented. Since the editor was released we've learned that these are flags. As long as you limit your setting to 1 through 15 the values should be considered normal, but additional flags should be ignored. If you want control over the ethnicity of the peds that spawn, flag 1 enables black peds, 2 is white, 4 is Asian, and flag 8 is Hispanic. Many zones have everyone enable (sum of all flag values = 15), but zones like Chinatown are a bit more restrictive.


Dealer density doesn't really matter much. They won't spawn without gangs, and if gangs are present the game will add dealers to the zone.

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