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I recently got the game from steam on my PC. The single player mode runs smooth as butter but whenever I join a gta online session with 12 or more players the fps which is capped at 60 drops to 42 but it does not feel like 42 fps it performs like 15fps and its really annoying but if I go to session alone or with less players the game runs as smooth as story mode its really pissing me off can someone suggest me any solutions?


Specs:- Intel Core i3 6098 3.6ghz (dual core with hyperthreading)

GPU:- Geforce GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5


Mobo:- Gigabyte S2-H110M LGA 1151


Thanks in advance

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What settings are you using? Also in the settings make sure you are not using more than 2gb Graphics memory. Toy around with the settings.

The GPU is great but it only has 2gb dedicated memory which will restrict how far you can push the settings as you can not afford to use your RAM

The i3 should be OK, but GTA is a game that likes having as many cores as possible, but do not think it is a issue in this case.

I know all the recommended specs say 4gb minimum RAM but I personally think 8 is the min level to play at basic levels, adding a 2nd 8gb stick I believe will help and it is a cheap upgrade.

Edited by MechanicMammal

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