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Free Aim - Assisted

Cutter De Blanc

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Cutter De Blanc

Does anybody else use this setting? It's kind of a cheap tactic, since it's like auto-aim in a free-aim lobby. It's kind of dirty pool playing like that. I don't think this should be a thing, or it should put you in an auto-aim lobby instead of a free-aim lobby if you have this setting selected.

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I mostly use partially assisted aim, which puts me in auto-aim sessions.


But I do make the switch to this setting of aiming of get sessions that have less action going on.


Though I agree that it should put us in auto-aim sessions, free-aim sessions should full free-aim first all players.

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Arrows to Athens

I don't get why they felt the need to implement 4 different types of aim modes. Just free aim and assisted aim was enough.


Holy sh*t, Rockstar are the most strangest devs on Earth.

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Oh don't get me started on this one! :p

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Who the f*ck is it even for? Implementation makes no sense. I could understand if FAA worked by 'sticking' the crosshair to a target after you've acquired said target yourself, but it works the exact opposite way; auto-acquires with no stick afterward. I can only truly speak for myself, but I imagine most people who made the conscious choice necessary to switch over to free aim did so because they wanted 100% full of control of where their gun is pointing and/or the added challenge of keeping a target sighted manually and/or frustration with auto aim's tendency to lock on things you don't want it to in target-rich environments.


Free aim assist just makes everything worse while offering none of the advantages of the fully auto options. I avoid PvP engagements at lock-on range because of this dumbass addition to the game. If it must exist, players who use it should be in the Auto aim pool.

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*raises hand*

I'll be honest, I use it but not for the reasons you think. I'm a very shy player and tend to keep to myself. The ratio of times I attacked other players are hugely attributed to being pressured by friends to stir some sh*t. Other times was in self-defense when they shot first or doing CEO/Biker work. Nothing else. At all. It's such a rarity that I go out in freeroam and attack players just to pass time. Okay, sure, I used to snipe from rooftops (rarely) and I did blow up a few planes when I unlocked the explosive sniper rifle but I'm practically a gun virgin. What I do use assisted free-aim is for the AI. You know, the overpowered as Jesus on Burning Man drugs kind of power. The type of drugs that even drug dealers go, "ay man, I don't want to kill nobody" and refuse to sell it. The secret hot sauce of the drug world.

The assisted "soft-lock" helps me aim on AI so that I have a fighting chance and the free-aim puts me in relatively peaceful lobbies that I can drive past a player and not get turned into swiss cheese. Assisted in FA is such a niche market, though. A free-aim and assisted-aim setting only would definitely be the way to go (so confused why they didn't just make those two options) but free-aim AI should be toned down to compensate, at the very least have human aim and pistol bullets shot from a helicopter not kill you when doing 200 on the highway.

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Does anybody else use this setting?

At least 10 people, according to this topic.

I use it and I have my reasons for it.

It was my main targeting mode throughout GTAV's story mode. So I continued using it online.

It really is like a soft-lock. It just points you in the direction of a target. It does not follow the target like Assisted Aim does.

But, then again I do play on PC where Free Aim is populated. And since there's no way i can free aim with a controller, FAA is the next best thing.

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Yeah, it shouldn't be a thing. If you want help, use auto aim, if you want to level the playing field, use free aim. I had this friend who stressed using free aim in survivals and heists, I did it once, and he just became obsessed with it, so every time we played together he wanted me to change my preference.


I take it free aim assisted was created just for our little dilemma.

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It's something to think of.. 2 paralel worlds in gta online.. with ppl that you will rarely see from the other side, if ever..

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i use it


but i just use the rpg or hydra against players.

Garbage player lol smh

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I like free ass.


Ooops, that came out wrong. lol


Seriously though, I like playing with free aim assisted.

I dont pvp, so free ass just ups the difficulty a little when fighting npc´s.

Which is good for me, full assisted is too easy.

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I won't lie, I'd probably use FAA because I'm ass with a controller in FA. I stick to Partial AA though because the AI is overpowered and I usually only do PvE (and I can get tryhards to f*ck off easier)

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I use assisted because I'd like to be in free aim gun battles but I'm going to be up against assisted people anyway in a free aim lobby so I might as well use it as to not disadvantage myself

Edited by ViceOfLiberty
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No. When I use free aim I use free aim. If I am going to use free aim assisted I mines aswell just stay in auto aim since I play FA when I want a big difference in aim style. I honestly thought that free aim assisted and free aim were in separate lobbies until someone mentioned this is a post awhile back. I think its kind of ridiculous having them together.

Edited by TankGirl
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