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Trainers make me crazy

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Hi buddies.

This is my first post. Yesterday I subscribed to the forum, thanks, and I need to make a query about trainers for GTA V.

I own version 1.41 of the game.

So far I have used the Simple Trainer for GTA V 6.0

On YouTube, I found a video about a trainer named "Menyoo".

I downloaded it and installed then. It has more options than the Simple Trainer, but, the doubt is in placing peds in the game.

With the Simple Trainer it's possible to place peds as "bodyguards", and cause them to move away from the game when they are no longer needed.

In Menyoo you can also place peds, objects, animals, give them animation, movements, etc.

But I don't find the following two options:

1.- Make a ped follow me, as bodyguard, despite indicating that the relationship is "friends" or "help me".

2.- I cannot find a way to get out the ped from the game.

To be able to use those options, I must use the Simple Trainer, and recruit the ped as bodyguard, and then, they follow me and, if necessary, tell them to leave.

I think I'm wrong, because using two trainers in the same game, for a single matter, is not logical.

Maybe you guys can tell me how to use the Simple Trainer's bodyguard mode on Menyoo.

Thanks for your help.

Greetings to all.


PS Please, sorry for my English, isn't my natural lenguage.

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