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[PC] Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club

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Welcome to the

The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club from East Los Santos - La Mesa, was created on the 14th of October 2016 by a Crew-Internal Patchover. The beginning of the Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club was not easy even before we had found each other right, we were already under the magnifying glass of our enemies & declared war shortly thereafter. Actually, we just wanted to start a boring Roleplay-MC which is only driving in circles. But over time, the Cursed Crooks MC had to fight for his name and more quickly we wanted to be more than just a boring Roleplay MC that is only driving in circles.

There had to be more structure & tight rules that make everyone realize that we are "Cursed Crooks" who follow the 1%er-MC Code. Meanwhile, the Cursed Crooks MC is from East Los Santos - La Mesa, the last true OLDSCHOOL 1%er PVP-RP Motorcycle Club, in the [PC Grand Theft Auto-5 Community].

The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club is not only known to german players,
also to English / American / Canadian & Italian GTA5 players & our reach continues to grow, if the Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club gave up, there were only 99%er MC's on the [PC], who do not know what they are talking about.

Who wonders what this 1%er code in GTA5 for the Roleplay MC's means needs to think back to the release on the 17th of September, 2013 on PS3/XBox360.

When GTA5-Online was released, all MC's had the choice between 5 motorcycles [LCC & Western] & a handful of regular firearms,
TANKS/PLANE-DLC´s that were so damaged did not exist at that time.
1%er MC's who were enemies of each other only used their bikes and only "ASSAULTRIFLES" to show true HONOR in the war.
1%er are clean & honorable, loyal member in a 1%er Motorcycle Club
with tight rules & a tough structure.

99%er are people who insult everything & everyone, change crews more often than their underwear & can not subordinate themselves badly, Rules / structure / honor & fair play for this 99%er foreign words & modders often their best friends.

The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club is based on loyalty & cohesiveness, internet friendships are not of any importance to us. There is only one goal & that is stay loyal to the Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club in both good and bad times.

The rules & structure of the Cursed Crooks MC is now successful since the CCMC was founded & they are not to change. In this Motorcycle Club you can be 100% sure that it is one even if we are only wearing leather vests, noisy chopper riders, NOTHING MORE IS NECESSARY and we are proud of it !!!

The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club from East Los Santos - La Mesa is still recruiting adults, clean, active & loyal players who are interested in getting to know our world of the 1%er MC. We earn our money together & help each other with our businesses & level up. We organize our own formation rides & train among ourselves or with friends "Run & Gun" to improve our handling of the assault rifle & to kill our enemies.

There will be organized biker events to which neutral motorcycle clubs are invited & also MC's with which is ceasefire. Incidentally, one or the other fun game lists are played such. Stunt races, stockpile & transformation races, but as soon as an enemy Motorcycle Club becomes noticeable or a random player attacks, we are immediately in the bloodlust & just want to see the rags flying and celebrate the "Día de Muertos" on our enemies.

Discord : https://discord.gg/NvdzsYu
Homepage : https://cursedcrooksnation.wixsite.com/ccmc/welcome-eng
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CursedCrooksMC/

Cursed Crooks MC - East Los Santos : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/cursed_crooks_mc_els
CCMC Prospects : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ccmc_prospect
Support-33-Crew : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/supp_your_local_33

A Cursed Crook is never coming alone,
because the CURSED CROOKS have dug up the hatchet.

Edited by Gauderio134

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Hola my dear friends of GTA V,
today, one year ago the Cursed Crooks MC in East Los Santos - La Mesa was founded [14.10.2016].
At the start the CCMC had lots of troubles, only a few dudes were interested in the MC community in Germany.
Furthermore there was an enemy MC that was really big and very well structured we had to deal with.
But in the end we succeeded and defeated our archenemy.

The Cursed Crooks MC did grow to one of the most powerful motorcycle clubs in GTA V for [PC].
There were alliances with 3 big MCs, even more enemy MCs were destroyed and some of them were patch into the CCMC in a patchover.
But the bigger they come, the harder they fall. So it came that many of its members left and joined other MCs with less structure and loose rules.
CCMC Great Chaparral were closed two weeks after it opened and CCMC Sandy Shores for Italian members were closed after two month.
The quick rise and fall have made the Cursed Crooks MC to one of the may most known, most wanted and most hated 1%er-MCs in GTA Online for [PC].
On that note, we want all of you, who are interested, invite to our first anniversary to check us out and have a little "Happy-Cursed-Day-Bash" with us.
There will be plenty things like a big ride out a playlist and a special event.

Happy First-Anniversary to all Loyal Cursed Crooks/Prospects & Supporter 33 in here,
thanks to all our friends & also our lovely HATERS,
today we are going CRAZY !!!
Cursed Crooks MC Forever Forever Cursed Crooks MC
Edited by Gauderio134

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