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What Are You Reading?

Recommended Posts


I mostly read non-fiction books, I especially like to read True Crime and books on History my favorite kind of True Crime are books that have a compilations of stories not just focus on one story.


I just finished a book called No, Daddy Don't it tells the story of John Battaglia as told by his Ex Wife He shot and killed his two little girls in order to get back at his ex wife for having him arrested after he beat the living hell out of her several times after their divorce.

He was sentenced to death but it was halted at the last minute but after last minute appeals failed he was put to death on Feb 1st 2018.


Right now I am reading The Mammoth Book Of Bizarre Crimes it's beyond fascinating as it tells stories from the late 1800's to early 2000's with stories from everything from WhoDunIt with one story about a man who was murdered inside his shop except all of the doors were dead bolted and all the windows were painted and nailed shut, another one Police in Texas managed to track a woman who was found stuffed in an oil drum back to Saudi Arabia where the drum was loaded onto a ship bound for Texas to blantly obvious crimes with many witnesses.


If you like reading crime stories from the early 20th century this book is for you.


I don't always focus on one book either it just depends on what iPad i am using on my other iPad I currently have The Kennedy Detail loaded up it tells the story of Kennedy Presidency and the lead up to his assassination in Dallas from the perceptive of Clint Hill Kennedy Secret Service Agent In Charge.


Right now I'm only about 4 chapters in while the ending is a not a secret and I've seen the TV show based on the book where Clint Hill basically gives the cliffs notes it's still fascinating all of the stuff Kennedy did behind closed doors from whacking a Secret Service agent in the head with a golf ball because that agent was still used to President Eisenhower who sliced left while Kennedy would slice the ball to the right.


I also have Fire & Fury the Trump book released a few months ago that I hope to read next.





Edited by AiraCobra

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No Use For A Name

The Teenage Guide to Popularity

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Kama Sutra, borrowed it from one of my friend. It's a great book, not just a sex manual as per popular perception. It's has detailed explanation about various things like how to get a girl, how to manage and make her happy, getting acquainted, ways of making an honest living and money, renewing friendships and ofcourse all the sex positions. But, I think I have to return the book back becuase I am having hard time hiding it from my family. Lol.

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