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59 Dead and 500+ injured in Las Vegas shooting

mr quick

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testing and making sure they still work properly would have drawn attention to himself--no matter where you go, people notice fully automatic gun fire. There's a little honey-hole people go to shoot at here, and you can find sherriff's reports of people calling to report fully automatic fire.


It certainly makes sense that he would've kept the process legal up until the time he started hauling the rifles up to his room. However, there are a number of places where you can test fully autos without drawing police attention unfortunately. Hell, there are some more unsavory parts of most cities where people don't get alarmed by fully automatic weapon sounds in the distance.


It is not clear how many of those weapons in his room were fitted with bump stocks. But in any case, the trouble of assembly wouldn't have too much of an obstacle. On the bright side, 50+ deaths later, even the NRA is backing the restriction of bump stocks now. It's about f*cking time. I'd still be careful about thinking that such restrictions will do anything whatsoever about the day to day gun violence that claims so many more lives than these periodic routine mass shootings. Violent career criminals will almost always opt for the black market fully-automatic rifles. And the more frequent drug and robbery-related gun violence will claim many lives going forward until we take a multi-pronged approach to combating gun crime beyond simply regulating what's in stores (even though it starts there).



These shootings make you wonder how accustomed to mass shootings will the US public become. They are as routine as major weather events at this point. It's somewhat of a forecast nowadays. We can almost bet our bottom dollar that another will happen in a year or so given how often these shootings have become. As absurd as it sounds, we have already grown content with far more shooting deaths than the Vegas incident when they are spread out over smaller body counts per shooting.

Well, even if they ban bump stocks, there's crank triggers to worry about too.


I don't think the idea people are seeing this as random as weather events it's absurd because that definitely seems like how gun control opponents want us to view it. Something we can hardly predict, can't control and have to live with as a fact of life.

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