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What Random Events would you like to see in RDR 2

Recommended Posts


Random events that add addition to Mini Games. 




Fishing Random Event Water becomes sparkley or splashes in an area for Fishing creating an opportunity for a Rare fish HigherPrice if Sold or provides full longer for camp. 


For Poker.


Poker Random event of a Stranger that is dressed clean cowboy gear, hat tilted down. They give an opportunity to win more money off or puts at random an item on the table such as treasure map.


(R* If you read this & wish to implement the poker random event idea. I don't mind on the condition it is implemented into SinglePlayer first.)

Edited by Wootgratzhugz
Spelling, Other.

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A random event with a creepy vibe that could trigger a myth hunt. Maybe something akin to the one sidequest in Far Cry 3 where a strange woman in a town talks about hearing a plane crash not far away from it, only that when you get to the crash site, you find out the plane had been crashed there in years and that there is no woman living in that town as far as anyone else knows.


I love mysteries in gaming. I can already think of one random event that'd suit right now. Have the player follow a wild horse around a field until it suddenly goes into a cave. When you get to the cave, you find a wounded man with his horse dead and rottening by his side from a bear attack. Arthur can inquire the man about following the horse into the cave, to which the man replies that's nonsense because the horse had been dead since the bear struck them. Arthur then can take the man back to town to a doctor or kill him for his loot.

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Lock n' Stock

Two people dogging.

Edited by Lock n' Stock

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Johnny Spaz


On 8/19/2018 at 2:14 PM, ThroatSlasher2 said:

Random encounter with Red Harlow with the possibility of killing him, a bit like Packie McReary in GTA V.


No thanks, leave the lame killing of old characters in GTA nosedive

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Mirror Park Resident
On 9/2/2018 at 1:38 PM, Lock n' Stock said:

Two people dogging.


Option A: antagonize (tell the guy about his marriage vows)

Option B: defuse (give them a few bucks to afford a room)

Option C: join in sneak and steal their money 

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1. I would like to see a man with a poncho talking to some rival outlaws saying "I don't think it's nice you laughin - you see my mule don't like people laughin, he gets the crazy idea your laughin at him."

2. I would like to see someone getting stuck in quicksand and having to lasoo them to pull them way out.

3. I would like to see a mountain man with a tamed bear - like Grizzly Adams.

4. I would like to see a bear get into a train carriage.

5. I would like to see a Mardis Gras event in Saint Denis. 

Edited by Riverstone

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On 8/21/2018 at 12:46 AM, Pocket Fox said:

Less a 'random' event and more an event, sorry.


Coming across a man on his horse with a noose around his neck tied to a tree with a bunch of snakes on the ground. Save him without the horse spooking and he gives you a quest to play some poker and also appears on the poker tables. He's harder to beat, but offers better rewards.



Haha...Maverick.  I love that movie.


Anyways, I'm just hoping that whatever the ramdom events are, they are infinite like RDR 1 instead of gtav where you only have a set amount.

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