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[TxT] "Destroy Targets"?



How the f*** can I do this crap? The steering is sh*t, the time limit given for this hardness is sh*t. And how the f*** can you make it, if it is the first time you are flying a helicopter?? How?? Would PLEASE someone help me?

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3 answers to this question

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It's really quite a hard mission if you're new to flying. Honestly, there's not much you can really do other than keep trying. Or you could use this subforum to have someone do it for you by uploading your save file to GTASnP.com.

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lil weasel

A matter of practice.

1. I come in low firing the machine guns only.

2. I rise and turn after the last truck, it usually explodes while turning.

3. After turning heading straight for the Cars. They are usually lined up by the time i get there.

4. If I only get the one car on that approach it blows up and stops the other one.

5. Rise and Turning, go back for the second car.

[time is usually, 45 seconds to a minute]

6. Head for the landing, turning the 'copter to be aligned with the runway, and down in or touching the "bonfire" marker.

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If you think steering is sh*t then the key mapping isn't right for you. I would configure the keys to make the chopper turn the same as a car (IIRC, it requires swapping 'turn' and 'look' actions around). Lean forwards should be the key that you use for acceleration in a car, and lean backwards should be made into braking. Then use some other pair of keys to control the height.


Start moving fast and "brake" before you approach the trucks so that you can shoot them all in one slow pass.

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