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AGAIN!Except no more missions after Verdant Meadows



Hey guys just wanted to say i have no more missions after Verdant Meadows!

Any IDEAS!?!?!?

Each idea will be appreciated :)







Thanks for reading


People who replied!

Okay!I will complete it :D!And see what happens next :)

BTW!Thanks for the reply!

Edited by GruDru888

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3 answers to this question

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After Verdant Meadows (i.e after purchasing the airstrip), have you completed the flying school (Learning To Fly)?


Assuming you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to complete the flying school, getting at least bronze in each of the tasks, to unlock further missions.

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Like Matty said. You'll need to complete the Flying School Missions (Learning to Fly) and get atleast Bronze in each to trigger the next set of Missions in Desert and LV area.

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lil weasel

When Buying the Verdant Meadows Aerodrome you MUST do the "Flying School's" TEN tests. After doing the "Flying School" parachute test, and completing it.

You have FOUR more missions, beginning in front of the Quonset Hut Hanger (The Rustler Plane).


A trick the game plays on you is a Call from Wu Zi, mentioning the opening of the Four Dragons Casino, and inviting Carl there. This causes many players to miss the "Airplane" ICON at the Verdant Meadows Aerodrome.


IF you earned a "Pilot's License" from just flying time earlier in the game (stealing a plane) you MUST still do the "Flying School". That early license is only a Gate Pass to the airfields.

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