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Looking for a crew? Why not join the (Racing until we die) (RACE) crew?


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Hello and welcome to the topic.


Okay so. We are recruiting new members to be apart of my crew Racing until we die.


This crew is a playstation 4 based crew


The link to the crew posted below.



(About the Crew) We are a racing crew. However we haven't been a crew for very long as i only started the crew up on the 5th September 2017. So far we have 6 members. With a world ranking of under 320k


I would like to say that you do NOT have to be good at racing as we can help improve that.


Also we help new crew members who come into the crew even low levels with leveling getting money and resupplies. We are a happy go lucky family within the crew and we do not take kindly to people taking advantage of our crew members...


If you are interested in joining a respectful crew who just have a laugh have banter and just enjoy the game and get stuff done. Then this is the crew for you..


So why not tale a leap of faith and fall into the world of Racing until we die.


Please only apply if you truly wish to be a members and if you are under 18 then a good think will take place due to 3 members having to be removed due to immaturity and causing grief between crew members.


If your 18+ then u will get in due to being mature enough to understand..


We do also have a very RARE crew colour..


Thank you very much for the time you have taken into reading into my crew recruitment and i hope to see you within the crew..


My PSN is ::: Youngunz-ere

If you can send me a message within a friends request stating your age and why you want to be apart of the crew...


We do offer trial runs for the people who appy. Then the crew commissioners and i will have a discussion and let you know the outcome within 24 hours of the trial run...


Thank you for the interest and for taking the time to read this article.... I wish you all good luck 👍

Edited by Youngunz-ere
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